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A Part of the Retention Formula

3D Body Scanning

Your members want results. They log countless hours at the gym and they want to see that all of their hard work is paying off. Luckily, with recent developments in technology, it is easier than ever to provide members with extensive feedback about the changes in their body.

“We needed a solution for assessment,” said Greg Maurer, the vice president of fitness at WORKOUT ANYTIME. “Ninety percent of our members want to get in shape, change their body composition, and that means they need to lose fat and gain muscle. We need to be able to track that and provide relatable info.”

What is more relatable than seeing a detailed 3D image of your body? Several companies, such as Styku and Fit3D, offer body-scanning systems that provide members with detailed imaging and measurements of their body. “The data the body scanner provides is meaningful and resonates with the client,” added Maurer. “The system is accurate, simple, quick and non-invasive — it doesn’t involve any pricking and prodding.”

WORKOUT ANYTIME recently began offering 3D body scans at a few of its clubs, as part of the premium $25-a-month membership. “There are some people who really want to track their progress, so with the premium membership they get the option of one scan per month,” explained Maurer. “Then when they get the scan, they interact with the personal training staff, so hopefully that will help boost our personal training sales as well.”

Gainesville Health and Fitness opted for the Fit3D body scanner to use with its X-Force Body Fat Breakthrough program. Through the program, members work to shed fat, build muscle and reshape their bodies. As a result, the technology has been essential to tracking progress.

“We had previously been taking ‘before and after’ measurements for each participant, which could take 15 to 20 minutes per person,” said Noah Hastay, the operations manager at Gainesville Health and Fitness. “This new system allowed us to save so much time by taking a client’s scan in under two minutes. The scanner was so accurate in its measurements that it eliminated the chance for human error.”

Both Hastay and Maurer agree that besides the price, which can be hefty, overall 3D body scanning technology is a great investment. “This really adds another ‘cool’ factor that sets us apart from other health clubs in the area,” said Hastay. “A lot of clubs that offer results-driven programs will see benefits in offering such technology for their members to utilize. Results equals retention, so if you show your members the results that they are achieving, they are going to keep coming.”

Emily Harbourne

Emily Harbourne is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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