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Fit3D Introduces Robust Body Fat Algorithm

Fit3D body fat algorithm

Fit3D announced the release of its DXA correlated body fat feature. The Fit3D ProScanner is the first all-in-one tool that combines 3D imagery, precise circumference measurements and a powerful body fat algorithm to track client progress. The algorithm goes live June 1st.

Fit3D created the Fit3D ProScanner — an innovative fitness assessment tool that captures 3D imagery of users, precise circumference measurements and now body fat data, then allows users to track changes in body shape via their own secure web platform over time. The company has taken off since it’s launch in 2014 with 275 scanners across 17 countries, with 60,000 scans taken and counting, resulting in one scan taken from around the globe every five minutes.

Fit3D says they’ve been working on incorporating a body fat feature into their 3D body scanning technology for some time now, however they’ve been unwilling to release their proprietary algorithm until it was worthy of Fit3D branding. “Basically, we’re not going to release any new feature unless it’s top-of-the line,” said Greg Moore, the CEO of Fit3D. “We won’t settle for anything less and our customers know that. That’s why they’ve decided to do business with us.”

Customers like Gainesville Health and Fitness, Equinox and Active Sports have relied upon the 3D technology since the beginning to provide motivating detailed imagery and measurements that keep members and clients on top of their fitness goals. “Our customers are pleased to have an all-in-one solution – each piece coming together to provide an explicit vantage of the user’s progress,” remarks Moore.

Why correlate to DXA? Aside from costly MRI scans, DXA scans are the gold standard for body composition data, common in medical research facilities, and not easily accessible for consumers. Fit3D’s body fat algorithm is their own, based off data they’ve gathered from medical research universities that use both the ProScanner and a DXA body fat machine. Fit3D body fat is based off anthropometric measurements of more than 1,000 scans for which they also have DXA data.

Current Fit3D customers will receive this upgrade to their systems via a simple software upgrade — no additional hardware is required.


Press release by Fit3D. 


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  1. Chris March 15, 2017

    This is a great article for the Fit3D. Amazing new technology for the health and fitness industry! If anyone has questions on the Fit3D ProScanner or would like to do a complimentary scan please contact us. We are located in Long Beach CA.



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