Obtaining Sales Through Expectations

At your facility, there will be times when there are fewer phone calls inquiring about membership costs and not as many people walking in the door. Unfortunately, we cannot always control if people take the time to come see us.

However, there are factors we can control, including what customers expect from us. And if you can ensure that customers always expect a positive and helpful experience, your sales will trend upward. A focus on improving and showcasing your facility’s service aptitude will aid in increasing awareness and interest to generate sales.

Whether you offer a fitness consultation to all new members or host free community workouts every month, be sure to take the necessary steps to help potential members better understand what they will receive from you. By doing so, you create a sense of comfort through assisting with preparation.

It’s similar to when you receive an invitation for a party that reads “please wear casual attire.” You won’t be nervous about over or under-dressing when you show up because you have an idea of what to expect.

When making a call, posting on Facebook, or setting out flyers, be sure to be both simple and complex. Catch the eye with a service that is astoundingly goal-oriented, but at the same time, doesn’t overwhelm people with verbiage they can’t relate to. What is read and heard about your facility will create an impression that can be a determining factor in buying, before somebody even steps in the door.

In addition, be sure to set your gym up for success by ensuring everything that members and prospects see has a serviceable tone with unique information. Being transparently serviceable will give your facility a better opportunity to relate to people outside of the four walls, to bring people in and increase sales.

If you can become a club that customers expect the very best from, I have no doubt you’ll succeed.


Ethan Smoorenburg is a personal trainer and manager of Anytime Fitness in Upper Lafayette, Louisiana. For questions on sales he can be reached at ethan.smoorenburg@anytimefitness.com.

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