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Why Education Can Elevate Our Industry


With the influx of more and more certified providers in the wellness and fitness industry, the need for educated personnel is essential in order for club owners and operators to experience continued growth and success in their businesses.

In order for the standard of our industry to be raised now and for years to come, earning or completing a degree in the industry is the best way to enhance credibility, knowledge, skills and abilities as a personal trainer, owner or operator.

As preventative health, fitness and wellness gain prominence in our nation’s new focus on healthcare, the need for a standard of practice in our industry is more crucial than it has ever been. The need for science-based evidence and knowledge to support fitness training models, club business operations and general practice in fitness and wellness requires that our trainers, operators and owners be more than just certified.

Having a bachelor’s, master’s or other advanced degree in the fitness and wellness industry will help your club gain credibility as a provider, help you and your employees provide the science behind how you are helping clients and express the benefits of wellness and fitness. This will continue to raise the standards of the industry as a scientific, evidenced-based primary care and preventative health option for many populations.

Additionally, continuing education in the field can help you and your staff gain advanced, specialized knowledge in specific areas that can help you to expand your practice and increase the number of potential clients you reach and provide services to. Professional and continuing education options also can create new opportunities and earning potential within the industry.

With many higher education institutions offering convenient degree options, including hybrid, 100 percent online and flexible degree options, the opportunity has never been better to start or finish your degree.

As the industry continues to grow and improve, and the impact this growth has on public health increases, there will be a growing need for highly qualified, educated fitness professionals. The only way to meet this demand is to continue to promote the importance and need of fitness professionals who are not only well qualified through certifications, but also well qualified by their achievements in higher education.

Dr. Jeff Hatton is chairperson of the department of exercise science and sport studies at California University of Pennsylvania. You can find more information at calu.edu/go or reach him at hatton@calu.edu.  

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