Increase Sales with Unique Video Content

Big sales create general excitement, as your facility has the opportunity to service an influx of potential members and create new brand advocates. If your facility is considering hosting a sale or promotion, be sure to be proactive and out-of-the-box with your marketing efforts. Phone calls and emails are great and should be included in your efforts, but that is always expected.

One way to reach a multitude of demographics is through videos on social media. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are the new flyers for businesses seeking to spread information. Creating video content for big promotions will allow prospective members to be uniquely informed of offers, while at the same time, be entertained and relate the information to an experience.

With any promotion or sale, whether it be a discount off enrollment or a percentage off group training, there should be a specific emphasis as to not devalue your product. Show and add value through your people. Creating these videos will also allow for team building within your staff.

A gym can be out of the comfort zone for anybody. By having your team produce videos on social media, prospective members will be able to put a face to the brand, increasing sales.

With all that people have access to, be sure to set yourself up for success by communicating with members in a way unique from the competition. Videos that have a pop culture twist or show personality will humanize your facility.

Through comments on videos you will have the ability to converse with people that have interest, thus forming new ways to generate leads.

Be sure to also get members involved in these efforts as testimonials and reviews are very powerful in the eyes of a consumer. All in all, these simple and effective recommendations will form a more complete view of what people can expect to receive from what you have to offer.

Ethan Smoorenburg is a personal trainer and manager of Anytime Fitness in Upper Lafayette, Louisiana. For questions on sales he can be reached at

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