It’s Your Time to Assess

Now that 2016 is here, it’s time to consider what new pieces of equipment or software systems you want to integrate into your club. When it comes to budgeting, do you mainly spend on updating worn-out equipment, or do you splurge on new systems that may drive new membership or reinvigorate it? Consider adding an assessment and programming software system that can help you meet and exceed your club’s 2016 goals. Improved personal trainer assessments, programming and client connectivity will lead to increased membership, personal training and a higher level of member service.

Personal Trainers Can Provide a Better Level of Service Through Evidence-based Assessments and Programming.

Want to empower your personal training staff to be able to identify specific movement impairments and create customized corrective exercise programming?A movement efficiency assessment and programming platform can help make that a reality. With an initial movement efficiency assessment, which can be conducted via computer, tablet or smartphone, your trainers can take their clients through a range of functional movements that identify imbalances, weaknesses and injury risks. The member’s entire movement efficiency score and personalized program is quickly generated and displayed in an easy-to-administer profile and mobile application. With this knowledge, your trainers will be able to focus on building a functional foundation through corrective exercise, while simultaneously working toward member goals.

An assessment and programming platform provides evidence-based consistency among your service offerings. Your members will receive far greater results and perceived value. An assessment and programming system also encourages increased training retention by personalizing the experience for every member and providing noticeable results that go beyond traditional measures.

The level of detail collected about each member goes above and beyond the traditional weight, body fat and BMI calculations. This knowledge allows personal trainers to tailor workouts for each member with an insight not previously available.

Additionally, offering the assessment and programming as part of a membership package represents a marketplace differentiator for your facility. With boutique fitness studios on the rise, member services are more important than ever when it comes to membership packages.

If the system were beneficial to trainers and members, why wouldn’t you want to try one in your facility? Make 2016 the year you expand your services while providing trainers with the tools they need to develop better member relationships and enhanced training services.

For info on offering Fusionetics, a premier movement assessment platform, call Shari Steinfurth, strategic manager for ELIVATE, at 800.537.5512 x 5130 or visit

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