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Is Your Facility Set Up for the Three Stages of Any Workout?


Stretching before and after a workout is not a new concept. Even members new to your facility have an idea about post-workout stretching and why it’s important to any routine, as part of the three stages of a workout. However, many members find themselves pressed for time and choose to extend a workout, rather than properly warm up and cool down. They’re more focused on reaching target heart rates, burning calories, beating a personal goal or building strength — there is an endless list of workout-oriented goals that are not directly achieved by stretching or active recovery.

Or so your members may think. If you consciously set up your facility with ample space for pre- and post-workout recovery, your members are more likely to end a training session with proper stretching and foam rolling. When members stay healthy and injury-free, your facility benefits from consistent visits and retention, as well as increased satisfaction based on the workout and recovery services you offer.

How the Three Stages Can Improve Your Facility

Members will achieve their fitness goals if they place importance and follow through on each of the three stages of a facility visit. These three stages, which encompass pre-workout, workout and muscle recovery, work together to shape your members, while preventing injury and discouragement.

Muscle maintenance and active recovery have been hot fitness topics in recent years, but many members may still believe that active recovery is for the elite athlete or the high-performance member — not the everyday individual, which more than likely makes up the bulk of your membership pool. By setting up your facility with accessible recovery tools and basic education, you’re introducing members to a new level of service not found in every gym. If members feel better after a personal training or Group X class, they’re more likely to renew their membership; it’s as simple as that.

How You Can Get Started

Do you know all of the different active recovery methods available in the fitness market today? From non-fatiguing muscle stimulation to dynamic compressed air and vibrating foam rollers, there are many effective choices your facility could make for a dedicated “recovery zone.” Traditionally, these treatments have been available through physical therapy offices, but today you’re able to offer similar levels of care with basic staff training and the right equipment. By offering a small membership increase or specialty pass fee to access the “recovery zone,” you’re creating a new revenue stream, while providing an extra level of care for member health and wellness.


Michael Hood is the sales manager at ELIVATE Fitness and can help your facility create a unique “recovery zone.” Call him at (888) 327-8348 or email mhood@ELIVATEFitness.com for more information or visit ELIVATEFitness.com.

Michael Hood

Michael Hood is the sales manager at ELIVATE Fitness and can help your facility create a unique “recovery zone.”

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