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Bridging the Gap Between Selectorized Equipment and Functional Cages

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One of the key challenges that club owners face with member retention in both young and old, is keeping them interested and engaged. A member may start on selectorized equipment or basic circuit training and when they need more variation and challenge, the next area of attack could be the functional cage. But for first-time gym goers, de-conditioned people or older members, the cage can be completely unapproachable and intimidating, especially if they aren’t physically ready.

Circuits are an easy and efficient way to get results and get users to the next level. For the novice user or the advanced gym goer, new bodyweight functional training circuits are now available to fitness facilities that are the ideal solution to bridge the gap between selectorized equipment and the functional cage. These circuits can be used in a self-serve format for a 30-minute, total body workout on the gym floor, or part of a small group training program. Exercises progress from beginner to advanced levels.

Fun and Effective

Bodyweight equipment combines strength training, cardio, toning and even stretching exercises. Each machine is fun to use because of the airborne feeling of gliding up and down at an incline. Moving one’s own bodyweight is a great way to build body awareness and this helps retain members who would otherwise quit due to boredom, lack of success or injury.

Intuitive and Friendly

Look for user-friendly bodyweight equipment – those that provide instructional placards or QR codes to online resources such as exercise video demonstrations.

Member Retention

Ultimately, members need to see great results. According to IHRSA, every gym owner wants cost-effective equipment that is low maintenance, looks good, and helps members achieve their goals. The next trend in fitness – easy-to-use bodyweight functional training circuits – bridges that gap between selectorized equipment and functional cages to keep your members engaged and coming back.


Carrie Binder is in the sales department at Total Gym. She can be reached at cbinder@totalgym.com or 858-764-0034. For more information, visit http://www.totalgym.com/p-83421-total-gym-elevate-circuit.aspx.

Carrie Binder

Carrie Binder is in the sales department at Total Gym.

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