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Operations: Learn and Teach Obsessively


One thing I never thought I would say is, “I can’t wait to get up to go to work!” Well when you’re in a culture where everyone around you is dedicated to growing and learning each day, it’s apparent why I may say that. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is essential to this and as many know, it starts with who you hire into your company. But from there, lies the true testament to developing a winning culture — leadership.

Leadership does not just happen at the top. It must be taught, and then practiced continuously, and then cycled through to the next generation. Our culture at Gainesville Health and Fitness is one that is a learning and challenging environment that develops leaders who are:

  • Responsible: Always accepting responsibility for your behavior, taking ownership of problems (to solve them), and following through with all tasks.
  • Professional: Appropriate communication, manners, physical appearance/attire.
  • Dedicated: Always going the extra mile.
  • Energetic: Boundless energy, full of life, enthusiastic; positive attitude; always demonstrating these characteristics, even when you are having a bad day.
  • Passionate: Strong, unwavering belief in our cause.
  • Fearless: Willing to try something new; making aggressive mistakes — taking risks through well planned and executed decisions.
  • Knowledgeable: Knowing of facts and useful information about many aspects of the company, as well as where to find information that is unknown to you.

One of the simplest questions I can ask someone to determine if I want to work with them is, “What book are you reading?” I can determine a lot about someone by what they are filling their head with. Obviously, there are many other forms of learning nowadays, and reading may not be for everyone. Audiobooks, TED Talks, and other educational mediums are always fun to discuss and share with co-workers to see what I can learn from them as well. There is — and never will be — a moment when I think “I know it all.” I will always seek out new knowledge and surround myself by those looking to do the same.

I know my day was successful if I can reflect back during my car ride home and name at least three people who I developed into a stronger leader that day, by the interactions that I had with them. That’s what gives me drive to want to get up the next day to do it all over again!


Noah Hastay is the operations manager at Gainesville Health and Fitness.


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