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Member Profiling with Epsilon


Member Profiling: Epsilon marketing gets detailed on member analyses and mapping.

You may think you know what your member looks like, but Epsilon can tell you who they are, where they come from and what their purchase habits are so you really get to know and understand them.

Epsilon marketing is the global leader in turning data-driven marketing into lasting relationships. With 20 plus years specializing in health & fitness they excel in turning prospects into new members. The key lies in the data. Epsilon has the industry’s largest and most accurate compiled database including demographics, financials, lifestyle, life stage triggers, market indicators and new market trends.

To effectively market to your desired prospects it is essential to analyze and profile your member based on concrete and accurate data. Epsilon offers a variety of detailed member analyses for your club that will map and profile your members and visually explain who they are.

Get to know your members:

The Epsilon Pin Map is a geographical visualization of where your members are coming from. It plots the location of your club and pins the locations of your members over time. This includes a detailed trend analysis, suggested marketing strategies and competitor analysis. This option is great for a single location or a large multi-unit operator.

The Premium Map can be used for one location or multiple locations with layer control. Layer control allows you to select which layers of your analysis you would like to view so you can get down to the details. This includes plotting location(s) or potential locations, members, competitors and zip code boundaries. Plus you can add additional layers such as membership types, demographics and attrition.

The Summary Data Profile Report is a granule analysis that really breaks down the metrics of your member. This report provides member niche indexing and statistics including; Who They Are – age, presence of children, education level and ethnicity, Where They Live – Dwelling type and geographic distribution, Their Financial Strength – Income, home value, active credit cards, discretionary income, etc., How They Spend Their Time – Sports interests, investment interests, reading interests, etc., Their Recent Events – Life stage, marital status, first child and income, How They Spend Their Money – Average dollars & transactions, merchandise type, channel preference, and Their Business Activity – Business vs. consumer, corporate vs. home office, number of employees and sales volumes. This is the complete guide to understanding your member with visual graphed representations of all statistics.

Case studies have shown that it is most effective to run a Summary Data Profile Report and Premium Pin map in conjunction so that you may see the statistical breakdown of your member and the visual representation of where they live. With Epsilon’s detailed member analyses and mapping, you can move forward with targeted marketing and know that you are communicating with the best possible prospects based on a data driven member model.

Contact Epsilon today | 866.362.7949 | epsilonlocal.com | sales@epsilonlocal.com.


Press release submitted by Epsilon. 

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