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A Lifelong Education Journey with TRX

Sparta Fitness & Training

Mike Uerling, the owner of Sparta Fitness & Training in Lincoln, Nebraska, was introduced to TRX through his search for personal fitness. Discover how that introduction led to a life-long journey through training, education and studio ownership.

CS: How were you introduced to TRX?

MU: When I was first introduced to TRX, I wasn’t a personal trainer. I had just switched gyms and during my consultation, they asked me what types of things I typically did in the gym. I told them that I was a former college athlete and I had no desire to push 300 pounds off my chest anymore, and I was into more bodyweight and functional training. They told me, “Oh, you’d like TRX then.”

I had my free session with a personal trainer and he had me use the TRX. I fell completely in love with it. Being a former college athlete, I instantly understood how TRX was different, and how much better of an athlete I would have been if TRX had been around when I played.

That first session we did pretty basic moves, but I could feel how not only my prime mover muscles were engaged, but all the synergist muscles as well. I could feel my core trying to stabilize my body as I did a TRX Chest Press.

CS: How has your journey with TRX evolved?

MU: Fast forward a couple of months, my quest to learn everything I could about TRX and new exercises with the TRX led me to another session with a personal trainer who told me, “You already know more than I do.” After that session I went home and started researching what it took for me to earn my personal trainer certificate.

Once I had my personal trainer certificate, the first stop on my education journey led me to a TRX Suspension Training course (STC). That experience just solidified that I wanted TRX to be a big part of how I would train my clients. I wanted to take every TRX education course possible.

CS: How did TRX help your training business?

MU: I started training as an independent trainer, and I did not have a gym I worked out of. I was training part time, while working my other job as a self-employed contractor, doing remodel and handyman projects. I would train my clients one-on-one in either their homes, boot camps in the park, etc. TRX was perfect, because it is so easy to set up and transport.

But, training this way presented some issues. Being in Nebraska, there are only a few months you can train outside, and as I grew more I knew opening my own studio was the direction I wanted to take my career. I started looking for small places I could rent and turn into a personal training studio.

CS: What happened once you found a space?

MU: Once I found my space, I knew TRX would be an area of focus for my studio. In working with Danny Poplawski from TRX, we worked together on anchoring solutions, set up, efficient use of space, etc. We also determined that becoming a TRX Premier location was the direction I wanted to take my studio. Sparta Fitness & Training is currently the only TRX Premier location in the state of Nebraska.

CS: As a premier location, what type of support do you receive?  

MU: I love the level of support I get from TRX. From help with marketing materials, and promotions to Danny just checking in to see how things are going. It’s just not support from Corporate TRX — I love being a part of the TRX community.

CS: What was your experience like with TRX TEAM Camp?

MU: Being invited to take the TRX TEAM Camp and to have a chance to earn my TRX Certification, instead of just being qualified, was and is a huge deal for me. I understood how this would help set me apart from other trainers and facilities, and that I would be able to gain knowledge that would help me be the best trainer I can be.

The TRX TEAM Camp experience, along with the TRX Trainer’s Summit, were awesome. TRX’s education courses are truly the best in the business. The friendships gained from that experience has been nothing but positive. The willingness of the TRX Master Trainers to answer questions and offer support is unmatched.

CS: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

MU: This industry isn’t necessarily known for trainers wanting to help other trainers, especially locally. Being an independent studio owner, it’s pretty easy to feel isolated and alone, however I know I can reach out to the other trainers that were in the Camps course with me, or the TRX Master Trainers I know and met, and know that they are there for me; that we are there for each other. I am proud to be a TRX Premier facility and part of this amazing community.


For more information on TRX and how it can benefit your facility, click below: 


Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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