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Internal PR is one of the best ways to help spread the word about your brand, and having your staff help get the word out can make a huge impact. The majority of today’s employees are already active on social networks — they make brand impressions every day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and the list goes on.

Here are steps to help utilize and engage employees to help build brand awareness:

1. Clearly define the brand. If employees want to help become effective advocates for their company, they first have to fully understand what the company stands for and how best to present that to the world. Make sure everyone is aware of the brand philosophy, core company values and the key message.

2. Get on the same page about promoting the brand. The content needs to be crafted with those goals in mind. Employees should infuse their posts with their unique personality, but also be conscientious of their affiliation to the company to be impactful brand ambassadors.

3. Show employees what’s in it for them. Leveraging employees’ expertise and helping them be effective advocates will not only create a sense of teamwork, but will remind them that they’re valued, as well.

4. Give them the right tools. Involving employees in brand promotion means they will be called upon to use skills that they may not already possess. Although many people have social media accounts, not everyone is an expert on using them for business purposes. It is important to provide the necessary training to increase engagement — employees can even train each other.

Giving your staff the resources to be brand advocates in a variety of situations is a great organic platform for promoting your brand and running a successful internal PR campaign.

Last, but not least, always remember to tell your staff to check company social media policies before posting anything.

Jessica Pollack is the senior director of public relations at Crunch gyms. For more information email jessica.pollack@crunch.com.


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