duraSOUND: The Latest Addition to the sofSURFACES Family


sofSURFACES is pleased to announce the latest addition to our family of products – duraSOUND Acoustic Tiles. At 2.75” thick, this product was engineered to deliver a new standard in sound attenuation for the fitness industry.

Reduce the sound transmission of clanking free weights in any fitness facility with duraSOUND. These all-in-one fitness floor tiles are performance-engineered to control vibrations, minimize low-frequency impact noise, and reduce the transmission of audible structure-borne sound by up to 38 dB!

Similar in appearance to our 1.25” duraTRAIN Fitness Tiles, this product offers the same best-in-industry Limited Lifetime Warranty, superior aesthetics and unmatched durability; however, it promises to deliver an even better acoustic experience for both your customers and neighboring businesses and/or tenants.

Use duraSOUND in cardio studios, free weight/dumbbell areas, high-impact studios, personal training areas, machine areas, Cross Fit training areas, spinning studios, locker rooms, or even daycare centers where sound and vibration threaten to travel beyond your facility’s floors and walls.

All of our products are installed under high compression using only certified installers to ensure tight seamlines every time. duraSOUND offers a choice of six attractive standard colors and infinite range of hybrid custom color blends. Made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials.

  • Superior sound attenuation and shock insulation
  • New best-in-industry Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Drop free weights directly onto the floor!
  • Patented KROSLOCK tile-locking system provides tight seam lines and superior aesthetics

Build your very own custom tile blend right here using our patented new custom color renderer: http://sofsurfaces.com/design-center.

For more information call 800.263.2363, visit www.sofSURFACES.com or email info@sofsurfaces.com.

About sofSURFACES:

For nearly three decades, sofSURFACES has relentlessly pursued perfection. We have pioneered every aspect of the design, manufacture and installation of rubber surface tiles. Because we aren’t satisfied with merely meeting industry standards, we have developed proprietary processes that allow us to set new standards for quality, durability and value. Installed by certified installation professionals and backed by the muscle of our best-in-industry Limited Lifetime Warranty, our rubber surface tiles protect your investment and the people you serve.

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