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Ridge Athletics Uses MYZONE for Evidence-Based Wellness Program

Ridge Athletics is offering a new evidence-based wellness program.

Over the past few years, medical fitness and evidence-based wellness programs have provided health clubs with opportunities to reach customers they otherwise wouldn’t have. After all, referrals from doctors and hospitals can be just what a member needs to finally step foot through a health club’s doors. However, in order to capture those referrals, health clubs must have an evidence-based wellness program that proves to doctors their patients are in good hands.

Ridge Athletics is a great example of a club taking this route. Recently the club launched a six-week physician referred exercise program designed for people who have chronic disease risk factors or chronic disease. Over the six-week period, participants will wear MYZONE heart rate monitors to track their heart rate pre- and post-workout, in addition to their progress over time.

Here, Ed Davila discusses how MYZONE will provide Ridge Athletics with the evidence and data required to run a successful evidence-based wellness program.

CS: What can you tell me about your new evidence-based wellness program?

ED: We wanted to offer an evidence-based wellness program, where we’re including clinical exercise physiologists, certified health and wellness coaches and registered dietitians. We use MYZONE as an objective feedback tool for participants in this program. There’s a lot of evidence out there to suggest that cardiorespiratory fitness is one of the main indicators of longevity. So, we’re going to use MYZONE as a measurement of tracking heart rate, because that’s a very important component of somebody’s fitness and overall health, and use the data as an educational tool to show participants who have chronic disease or chronic disease risk factors, how a change in lifestyle can impact their overall health.

CS: Is the goal to get referrals from doctors?

ED: Yes, this will be an evidence-based, physician referral program. We are currently communicating with our local hospital and are in the process of establishing a medical board for this program. One of the No. 1 things physicians want to do is make sure whatever program they’re referring their patients to, that it’s an environment that’s safe, and that it’s run by people who are educated and who are going to do right by their patients and make sure that nobody gets hurt.

CS: Has MYZONE been helpful with this program?

ED: We reached out to MYZONE and they thought it was a terrific idea and have been very supportive. They decided to donate the first 20 belts for participants in the first round of this program. We’re really excited that MYZONE was ready to support us and partner with us in this endeavor.

CS: Outside the wellness program, what are other benefits of working with MYZONE?

ED: MYZONE offers MYZONE Effort Points (MEPS), which rewards people for engaging with fitness — we really liked the concept of trying to give somebody a tool where fitness is made fun, they get feedback and they can see success with it.

One thing we’ve noticed is it creates a community within the club. Our TVs are displayed strategically around the club so that when someone has their MYZONE belt on, you can see their display, which creates talking points.

People will find their friends and you can hear them joking with each other about how many MEPS they have, and they’re trying to outdo each other. It makes it a pretty fun atmosphere for the members and staff.

On the business end, it’s another revenue source. It’s also a tool to help keep people accountable, which is ultimately good for business.

CS: Are there any other benefits of working with MYZONE you’d like to share?

ED: Our experience so far, it’s been a very supportive partnership with MYZONE. Anytime we have questions or concerns, they’re always quick to respond and help out.


For more information on MYZONE and how it can benefit your business, visit http://myzone.org/.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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