Condor Board Improves Balance of Fit and Flex Members

Angi Long and Dr. Pinion of Flex and Fit by Angi

Angi Long, a certified personal trainer and owner of Fit and Flex by Angi, has taught fitness for over 20 years. To continually challenge her clients, she uses the Condor Board, a balance trainer that adds a new level of challenge to push ups, planks, complete dumbbell routines, calf raises, squats and yoga asanas.

Here, Long shares why she chose the Condor board as a training device, and why it’s perfect for her older clientele.

CS: How were you introduced to the Condor Board?

AL: Bob Mann, the owner of Condor Board, came by to demonstrate it for me — I loved it and bought one and later bought another one. I use it on 90 percent of my clients. My clients are 55 and up, so I have an older group of clientele, and it is fantastic for balance for them.

CS: Is balance something a lot of older adults struggle with?

AL: Yes, and with the Condor Board they see fast improvement, often as soon as the first couple of times they use it. There are a number of different ways to use it and so far it’s worked for everyone I’ve put on it. My younger clients do squats on it.

CS: From an operations standpoint, why is the Condor Board great?

AL: It’s not a large piece of equipment, it’s easy to have, easy to slide out of the way when you’re not using it. It’s not a big, bulky thing. It works for everybody — it works for a 20-year-old as well as a 70-year-old. It’s well made. It’s just efficient.

CS: Do your clients like using it?

AL: Yes. My clients like something that gives them a challenge, and it gives them a challenge. As soon as they get good at it, I figure out a new way to use it and it becomes a challenge again.


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