Styku Brings Cost-Effective Body Scanning Technology to Cowboys Fit

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

Styku, the leader in 3D body scanning and shape analysis, is bringing its portable cost-effective body scanning technology to Cowboy’s fans through The Cowboys Fit gym in Frisco, Texas. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the 60,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art fitness center for athletes  and fans was attended by Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones, who praised the center’s commitment to high-performance fitness.

“We’ve associated ourselves with winners. Real winners,” said Jones, in a press conference launching the event.

This association with excellence extends into every piece of technology that was put into the first Cowboys Fit facility. The fitness center is equipped with a dedicated body scanning room, outfitted by Styku. In the scanning room members are able to see a 3D avatar of their body. With the help of specialized trainers, they’re able to accurately assess their progress in the gym. Gone are outdated and inherently unreliable weight scales to assess whether or not the work they’ve put in at the gym has generated.

Cowboys Fit CEO Johnny Delavaldene has certainly seen a lot in his 25+ years in the club industry. “I have been in the industry since college and opened numerous clubs. I would not open a club without Styku moving forward,” said Delavaldene.

Since arriving at Cowboys Fit the Styku 3D body scanner has been in heavy use, averaging 10 scans per day with over 700 complete body scans already logged, according to Delavaldene. An instant hit, Styku is 30 percent more precise than any other 3D body scanner currently on the market, and is used by more than 500 gyms around the world. Every 2 minutes, someone in the world is getting a 3D scan by Styku. The system has enabled industry experts in the sports and fitness, medical, weight loss and aesthetics sectors to capture millions of data points on a body in a matter of seconds.

“With the growth of technology and the abundance of information, we’re increasingly becoming a data-driven society,” said Raj Sareen, the founder of Styku. “But oftentimes, data can be cold, esoteric, and difficult to draw actionable insights from. With 3D visual images of your body, Styku provides members with a simple, straightforward way to visualize their progress, which requires no explanation. In the health club industry, demonstrating progress not only drives sales and engagement, but it drives retention.”

For Cowboys Fit, Styku is another powerful tool in their arsenal of high performance fitness products.

About Styku

Styku is a simple yet powerful system designed for 3D body scanning and shape analysis in the fitness, health and wellness markets. Styku’s intuitive, multi-platform software gives professionals the ability to perform a full body scan, view 3D models, extract body circumferences, track changes in body shape, calculate fitness and health metrics and much more. For more information, visit

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