Industry Buzz: Fighting Off Disruption


Last week, Carolyn Fetters, the co-founder of Balanced Habits, was the key presenter for a webinar titled “Fighting Off Disruption: Outside Industries That Will Affect Your Club.” During the presentation, she highlighted three industries that are taking away market share from clubs, and serving as disruptors to your club’s bottom line.

According to Fetters, there are four industries that are affecting consumer decisions when they want to tackle their health:

  • The healthcare industry
  • The diet industry
  • The nutrition industry
  • The fitness industry

Unfortunately, these are in a hierarchy order of annual revenue — and the fitness industry is at the bottom of that hierarchy.

How can we take up more of that share?

According to Fetters, to do so, clubs need to offer a nutrition solution, so that their members aren’t turning to the healthcare, diet or nutrition industries for solutions.

“The intention of Balanced Habits is to go into the diet industry, and draw that customer into the fitness industry, where I truly believe that customer belongs,” said Fetters. “They’re already coming to us and asking for a solution to their problem, so who better to serve them than the fitness industry?”

During the webinar, Fetters discusses other trends that could be potential disruptors for the industry, in addition to how examples of how gyms have used Balanced Habits to boost their profits and take up more market share with consumers.

To watch the full webinar, click here.

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