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Five Reasons Why Your Members Hate Your Gym


And What You Can Do Make Them Feel the Love

Although the month of January is the best month for new memberships in gyms, most new members don’t make it past the five-month mark. A recent study showed that 80 percent of those who join a gym in January quit within five months.

Failed New Year’s Resolutions notwithstanding, there are a number of reasons why your members may start hating on your gym. Here are five of the most common reasons and what you can do to make them feel the love again.

#1: It’s Too Expensive

Your members know the price of membership when they sign up. So why complain about the cost later? While the price hasn’t changed, perhaps their perceived value has.

So what can you do about it?

Reinforce the value your gym provides. Through signage, email newsletters and social media, you can consistently remind your members of the value you provide.

#2: Your Staff Isn’t Friendly

There’s nothing worse than being ignored by staff when you walk into your gym.

At the very least, your desk staff should acknowledge members with a smile and a hello. This makes the member feel appreciated and helps establish a connection, which instills loyalty.

#3:  It Stinks

Gyms are notorious for having a signature stink of sweat, body odor and rancid workout clothes.

To fight the stink, many gyms and fitness centers are employing state-of-the-art scent distribution systems, which atomize fragrance oils and disperse them throughout large spaces.

By eliminating bad smells, members can focus better and enjoy a cleaner, healthier feeling environment. A great smelling scent will enhance the experience, making it more enjoyable. And remember, if it smells clean … it is clean!

#4: It’s Too Cold or It’s Too Hot

And you thought temperature wars were only fought at home and at the office. The reality is, you can’t please everyone. So, the recommendation here is simple:

According to the International Fitness Association, gyms should keep their average temperature between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If these temperatures are too hot or cold, your staff can explain the standard temperature recommendation and advise members to adjust their workout clothes accordingly.

#5: There’s No Music

Overhead music helps motivate, relax, tune out distractions and instill a positive mood. Music can also reinforce your brand.

A word of caution: be sure your overhead music is legal. It’s illegal to stream music from the internet in public, use the radio or fail to use your overhead music within the limitations of your licensing.

For more information, consult a company that specializes in overhead music or music for business.


Bryant Wilson has spent more than 23 years helping business make great client impressions. Wilson is the CEO of Aroma Impressions/On Hold Company. With more than 17,000 clients internationally, Wilson and his team provide highly quality Aroma services for mom and pop’s and big brands a like. For more information email bryant@aromaimpressions.com, visit www.aromaimpressions.com or call 800-213-1920.


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