Franchisee Fulfills Passion for Fitness with HOTWORX


For years, Lainie Martinez sought a business or franchise she could invest in. But nothing ever seemed to be the right fit. If she was going to invest money into a business, she wanted to be passionate about it.

Then, Martinez found HOTWORX, and opened a franchise in Lubbock, Texas. Here, she shares why she’s so passionate about the business opportunity and why others should consider becoming HOTWORX franchisees.

CS: How were you introduced to HOTWORX, and why did you decide to become a franchisee?

LM: I was introduced to HOTWORX by a friend who kept inviting me to join her for hot yoga. I was hooked after the very first time. I loved the way I felt relaxed, yet energized, and the next day I was sore, but not miserably sore, so I knew I had a great workout. I felt like I had a great fitness session and a spa treatment at the same time!

We had been looking for a business/franchise for a couple of years but could never seem to find the right fit. If I was going to invest time and money into something, I wanted it to be something I believed in and was passionate about — and after my first HOTWORX experience I went home and told my husband I found it! I called HOTWORX corporate that very week to inquire about the business and the rest is history. That was nine months ago.  

CS: What do you think is great about HOTWORX from a business perspective?

LM: My husband says it best: “In the self-automated, fast-paced, high-tech world we live in, HOTWORX is the perfect business model.”

CS: What do members/clients love about HOTWORX?

LM: We have found the two factors that attract members to HOTWORX are the 24/7 model and the length of workouts. People are busier than ever now, and they love that sessions are available to them around the clock. Our sessions are 30 minutes and the HIIT sessions are 15 minutes. Even on their busiest day they still fit in a quick, massive calorie-burning workout in a short amount of time. 

CS: What type of support do you receive from HOTWORX Corporate?

LM: The support we received from HOTWORX Corporate is has been amazing, from our franchise recruiter to the location development manager and our performance consultant. Every single member of the corporate team is so helpful and wants to see you reach your highest level of success. They walk with you every step of the way and are so great about getting back to you in a timely manner. The corporate team and their knowledge and support was one of the major deciding factors for us when we signed up with this franchise.

CS: Why should other entrepreneurs consider investing in HOTWORX?

LM: If someone is considering HOTWORX as a business opportunity my question would be: What are you waiting for? There is nothing like this business in the fitness/wellness industry. The unique workouts, the combination of fitness, detox, overall health benefits, the business model and the support you will receive along your journey are one of a kind. I believe HOTWORX is the best company to partner with to help people feel better and have a better quality of life.


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