How Best-in-Class Clubs are Driving Engagement Through Analytics


Track ‘em better and keep ‘em coming back: How best-in-class clubs are driving more customer engagement through analytics.

New tech is great, but new tech that’s built to last and makes you better is the best.

And sometimes, new tech can even live up to its billing as revolutionary (or at least revelatory).

While it always has to be about exiting a workout having left it all on the floor, customers are more concerned than ever about monitoring and tracking their good results while sweating out the bad. Blame apps, blame wearables, blame our analytics-obsessed society, the metrics genie is very much out of the bottle.

Whether it’s group training or a personal trainer experience, these early adopting fitness businesses understand it’s no longer a competition solely based on who has the right space, staff and equipment. The new measuring stick is the ability to customize tracking programs and showcase client results — individual by individual, minute by minute, workout by workout.

If you can’t challenge them or push them further — you’re not going to keep them coming back.

When selecting a metrics tracker, it’s about customizing your business’ personal brand as well as getting a system that’s easy to learn, access and understand.

Not an easy task.

So, when you are vetting a system look especially closely at customer testimonials and do your own homework — contact other fitness enterprises and see just how well the system is working out for them.

Once you select a metrics tracker software, there’s infrastructure to install. Many gyms are blowing up budgets on screens and monitors that function as leaderboards and showcase activity and heart rate monitoring (think high octane spin, rowing, treadmill). Again, with screens, there’s always going to be something brighter, clearer and cheaper — don’t get bottom-of-the-line, but go with equipment that is both durable and affordable.

Other things to think about when selecting a metrics platform:

  1. Full workout customization.

Does the tech have custom in-studio group programming and is it going to grow with you and with workout trends over time?

  1. Demonstration, measurement and instant results.

Can your instructors and fitness coaches use the software to show customers how to perform certain movements as well as give them desired heart rate zones and thresholds? Make sure the software never leaves your customers in the dark about how much further you can push a workout.

  1. It’s all about your brand. 

It’s no longer a matter of wanting to compete with the big guys but feeling small, it’s about starting off with a bang and moving up from there. Build your brand and create loyalty through metrics — your customers and bottom line will thank you.

Love it or hate it, the right workout equipment is now coded in ones and zeros and moving your business in a metrics direction can be a differentiator between you and your competitor. Measuring your customer’s progress, every step, every rep will go a long way to determining your best future as well.


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