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CEO Spotlight: Kirk Kiremitci of Tanses Technologies Inc

Tanses Technologies

Tanses Technologies Inc. has been designing and manufacturing tanning equipment along with Collagentex brand True Red light medical devices from its Montreal, Canada, based factory for over 25 years. All units are designed with performance, reliability and comfort in mind.

Here, Kirk Kiremitci, the CEO of Tanses Technologies Inc., discusses the direction of the industry in tanning bed usage and how clubs can use these products to create profit centers.

CS: Tell us a little about Tanses Technologies. What should the health club industry know?

KK: Tanses Technologies Inc. has been designing and manufacturing tanning equipment along with Collagentex True Red Light medical devices from its Montreal, Canada-based factory over the last 26 years. The company offers the most durable tanning devices to health clubs in the world market. All equipment is manufactured under strict quality controls and approved under FDA 510k, ISO 13485 Class 2 as well as the Health Canada license for the safety of the end users. Tanses has a reputation for manufacturing gym-grade equipment with durable tanning surfaces and long life electromechanical hardwired components to take on the harsh working gym environment. Tanses has secured multiple U.S. patents in red light therapy equipment design, mainly for the gym equipment.

CS: What trends are you seeing in tanning within health clubs?

KK: We’re seeing sun tanning devices with quicker results, such as 7-minute maximum, FDA-approved devices that allow gyms to pass through more users with fewer equipment. Wider and all-metal Tanses beds can handle any size customer with ease while ergonomically shaped acrylics allow the most comfortable tanning. Tanses gym-grade, stand up tanners offer double swingout doors for easy entry and exit. All stainless floors stay hygienic, customer after customer, in a busy gym environment. The newer tanning beds have more lamps, longer lamps, higher wattage and newer facial tanning components such as dichroic coated heat-reducing new age vertical facials. Tanses offers the world’s only floor-mounted inner leg quartz tanner in Beam-Up stand-ups.

The non-UV health benefits of Near Infrared Region True Red Light systems have become the center of non-medicinal pain management along with reduced lactic acid effects for Collagentex Red Light devices that offer an overall wellness. Collagentex Red Light devices have been FDA 510k approved devices. Our latest test results displayed an average of 35 percent testosterone boosting by the users of RX-1 device after a few sessions.

CS: What best practices could you offer to health club owners who are looking to add additional profit centers like this to their clubs?

KK: Health clubs should be looking at the approval ratings of devices before bringing in any new device. High traffic in health clubs demands the use of durable stainless steel components instead of UV-degradable plastic equipment and reduced electronics for fewer breakdowns in between. Health clubs should look for more factory direct sales for lower cost devices with better service and quicker local parts.

CS: In what other ways can your products benefit a health club owner?

KK: Our no middle man factory direct sales will save at least 40 percent for what a health club is looking for during the initial sale, and continue saving every year on maintenance. Tanses and Collagentex offer private labeling to many businesses with efficient cosmetic changes. All hardwired, low electronics devices are made to last — as such, we offer a five-year extended warranty to our customers. Tanses offers low cost replacement components such as acrylics, saving 80 percent to the health clubs. Tanses beds have no programmable logical circuits that require clubs to fly in a serviceman for reprogramming. Our online support has gained us a good reputation over the years.

CS: What considerations should a club make when deciding what and how many to buy?

KK: According to the latest FDA ruling, all devices should be Class 2 medical devices in light therapy and sun tanning, which places special controls on selling sun tan beds. This ruling eliminates any used bed transactions if the seller is not in conformance. Purchasing and leasing brand new equipment with a full warranty gives peace of mind to the club owner.

CS: Is there anything else the industry should know about Tanses and how you can help?

KK: Tanses Technologies, along with its Collagentex True Red light devices, is the only design and manufacturing facility in North America to supply health clubs with medical grade approved devices. Our company supports health clubs by offering exclusivity in their territory when they make a purchase.


For more information on Tanses Technologies, Inc. visit tanses.com/gym-equipment.html.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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