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Myzone Motivates and Elevates Travis Garza’s Fat Loss Camps


Keeping members driven to workout can be challenging — Myzone makes it easy for members and trainers alike to track progress and stay motivated. According to Lenlie Foster, the camp director at Travis Garza’s Fat Loss Camps, Myzone sets itself apart with a stellar product and great customer service. Below, she shares her experience:

CS: Why did you decide to partner with Myzone?

LF: I’m speaking on behalf of Travis Garza — he owns the six camps, they’re his baby. He’s always searching out new and exciting things and we’re always trying to bring a better workout experience to our members and challengers. At the end of 2017, he looked into Myzone and brought it to our team of six people to bounce this idea off them, and we were all pretty excited about it. So we decided to test it out in our Edmond, Oklahoma camp and it was a huge hit. The reason he looked at Myzone was he wanted to have a better experience for his camps. He did research on the different kinds of heart rate wearables and liked what Myzone offered to us and the campers. The overall marketing and professionalism of Myzone was something he really felt was a good match for what we like to do.

CS: What problems has Myzone helped solve for your club?

LF: We do 365 different workouts a year, so every day has a new workout. We really try to mix things up —we have a set schedule on how we do our classes, but they’re very different. Because of that, people can see it as mundane after a while and think, “I can just show up and not really push myself today.” Myzone doesn’t let you do that, because you can see your results up on the board and the trainer can see your results on the board. We’ve actually gone through all our workouts, as trainers, so we know where the members should be on any given set. Our trainers can actually call out to members what zone they should be in at any point during the workout. It helps us interact with our members continually through the workout, and it also keeps them from hiding if they aren’t doing the workout very well.

CS: What do your members like about Myzone?

LF: They love it. They love that it pushes them and that it holds them accountable. We’re in the middle of our first Myzone competition right now across all our camps, so we’re keeping track of the Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) for six weeks. We’re having first, second and third place winners, and we have some cool prizes for them. That gets the members to show up when they may not want to show up, and also push themselves throughout the workout since we’re only counting the MEPs when they’re in the green, yellow and red zones. We’re also only counting workouts done at Travis Garza Fat Loss Camps, so we’re using it as a way to get people in camp on a regular basis. We’re having a trainer competition as well, so it’s helping us get our trainers to make sure they’re working out hard in the camps. It’s been pretty great.

CS: How would you describe Myzone’s customer service/support?

LF: So far, it’s been really good — I have no complaints. We’ve ordered around 400 belts, and only had issues with three. Because we’ve partnered with Myzone, our members have been able to call them, and Myzone will test the belt then ask Travis to give them another one. It says a lot that we’ve ordered so many belts and not had many issues, because it’s basically a little computer and those are always going to have some issues. You’re also going to have members who don’t use them correctly, but what’s great is we haven’t had to be Myzone experts. Because they have such good customer support through the app and customer service line, we’ve been able to tell our members to contact Myzone because they’re the experts.

CS: Why should other club operators consider working with Myzone?

LF: It’s an excellent product. Honestly, I’m not sure I want a whole bunch of other club owners in the Oklahoma City area going for it, because it sets us apart. That being said, I think what’s most impressive is Myzone doesn’t just sell its product then disappear. We’ve put six of the big TVs up, we’ve put six different Myzone boxes out on the floor, and we’ve gone through the process of buying and setting up equipment, and the experience has been consistently positive from start to finish. That’s what sets Myzone apart — they have the calorie burn, MEPs, members can see their heart rate, and it’s an all-encompassing product with great customer service.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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