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Red Light Therapy Offers Way for Clubs to Differentiate

red light therapy

Light therapy is expanding in all medical disciplines, treating everything from chronic pain to fibromyalgia. The practice has also made its way into health clubs in the form of Near Infrared (NIR) Red Light therapy.

NIR Red Light therapy is a non-invasive form of skin rejuvenation therapy that provides pain relief in ligaments, muscles, nerves and soft tissue and reduces fine lines and wrinkles in just 10 to 20-minute treatments.

In a health club setting, NIR Red Light therapy can help members reduce lactic acid in their muscles, allowing for easier workouts. Female health club members have experienced skin tightening, smoother skin, improved hair and even sun damage reversal; while male members have noticed a testosterone boost, reduced overall pain and younger looking skin.

The latest NIR Red Light therapy technology combines a number of NIR range wavelengths in FDA approved devices that are affordable and gym-grade. Health clubs that boast this technology gain an edge to attract a new group of clients for all natural, non-invasive NIR Red Light therapy that can be self-administered easily by members.

The technology is also a great profit center, allowing clubs to sell treatments individually or through a higher-priced membership package that encompasses a certain number of NIR Red Light therapy treatments.

Another benefit is the therapy can penetrate through clothing and still be effective, allowing for easier use. In addition, 3,000 members can easily be treated between lamp replacements, making the technology an economical investment.

The new generation of non-laser NIR Red Light devices can be configured either as a simple acrylic chair with a built-in light source, as a standalone device or even a full-body unit. This allows for flexibility with placement within your gym.

The opportunities for NIR Red Light therapy are endless. If you haven’t looked into the technology and are looking for a new profit center that can help differentiate your club and benefit your members’ recovery, NIR Red Light therapy may be the perfect solution.


Kirk Kiremitci has been designing phototherapy devices for the last 33 years from UVB Narrow band devices that treat psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema, to the world’s largest open air sun tanning devices. He is currently heading product development at Collagentex and Tanses Technologies Inc. in Montreal, Canada. He can be reached at kirk@tanses.com or visit tanses.com/gym-equipment.html.


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