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The Importance of Proper Posture in Strength Training


Incorrect posture can lead to a variety of problems for your members, including sprains, strains and even joint dislocation. Suffering an injury due to improper spinal alignment can postpone your members’ progress in the gym and negatively impact their daily routines.

Postural science tells us we must maintain the natural curve of the spine during strength training. This consistency allows the three main sections of the spine, cervical, thoracic and lumbar to function securely. By distributing forces, the curve design preserves spinal components and improves mobility.

Correct posture while working out prevents injuries. The body functions more effectively when its joints are aligned. This cannot occur if proper posture is absent. The muscles of the core assist the spine by providing support. A weak core will negatively impact the spine. Harmony between the core and spine is imperative if one is to exercise injury free.

Appropriate breathing is often overlooked. Its timing is critical to your members maintaining core integrity and natural spinal alignment. Correct breathing technique while exercising improves thoracic mobility and reduces shoulder impingement.

Instruct your members to inhale as they begin the movement and throughout the range of motion. This keeps their core tight and spine supported. They should exhale once they’ve completed the rep and as they begin the eccentric phase.

Mobility, stability and functionality are the current favored terms in fitness. Alignment should be added to the mix because without it, muscle imbalances from your members’ daily lives will be more difficult to overcome. Most people’s bodies are not symmetrical and most life functions are performed unilaterally. Understanding the importance of how breathing and core engagement interact with the spine is essential.

Choosing a workout program and equipment that allows the body to function safely will improve your members’ lives inside and outside of the gym.


By Thomas Sjolander, Director of KTI Canali – Distributor of the postural Canali System strength line. For more information visit www.kticanali.com, email info@kticanali.com, or call 443.930.5381.


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