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Cryo Innovations Launches High Profit Margin, Recovery Solution

Cryo Innovations

Cryo Innovations announces a new cost-effective way to expand gym memberships with a full-body cryotherapy chamber that targets overall wellness.

With high-profit margins and advanced technology, the “Tesla” of cryotherapy chambers innovates the “Recovery Zone” trend. Creating every reason for gym owners to invest in the protection and prevention of their athletes, Cryo Innovations shares the secret to the future of recovery. Simply stated, the company’s Recovery XR™ thermal edition, whole-body cryotherapy chamber replaces the outdated 15-minute, wet, ice bath method with a three-minute, instant feel good, dry chill. Immediately after the session, as the body warms, enriched blood flow is released back into the body boosting endorphin levels, stripping lactic acid and rebooting the body and mind.

“As a response to the ‘Recovery Zone’ trending in the health club industry, cryotherapy has become an added amenity for gym owners to incentivize their memberships and make extra money doing it,” said Keith Scheinberg, CEO of Cryo Innovations. “Each cryotherapy session is easy to manage and lasts one to three-minute. Prices typically range from $40 to $60 and costs $5 for the gym owner to run per session. With a steady flow of traffic the income potential is infinite.”

With numbers like that, it may have you wondering, “How often can someone use Cryo Innovations’ Recovery XR™ chamber?” Noting their unparalleled safety features focused on the overall well-being of the client, the company recommends the chamber can be used up to two times a day before and or after a workout.

Using the process of vasodilation, research shows that cryotherapy reduces swelling and inflammation, accelerates muscle recovery time, strips lactic acid, reduces pain, increases collagen production, burns calories, and improves endorphin levels among a myriad of other benefits. The combination of these benefits boosts the athletes overall performance and longevity.

For more information visit www.cryoinnovations.com/.


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