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3 Ways Social TV Strengthens Your Club’s Prospecting and Promotions

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According to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, 43% of adults have taken photos or videos of themselves while at the gym. Chances are you’ve seen some of your members doing just that. It’s great that your club gives members confidence about how they look and feel — that’s a benefit your club provides, and one that should be communicated to a broad audience.

Well, it’s 2018, and while some gyms are comfortable sticking to the ways of the past, there’s a new way to drive leads, connect with members and promote your club — all while taking advantage of the social media content your members post while they make #gains.

Increasing Leads

Social TV transforms your club’s existing TVs into branded screens that display the photos and videos your members post when they visit. This display incentivizes increased posting by your members as they become excited at the idea of getting on those TVs. The resulting boost in user-generated social media content is free word-of-mouth marketing for your club.

Here’s why that’s so awesome: prospective members trust the recommendations of their friends and acquaintances more than traditional advertising. Since the positive opinion of your club is coming from a community member they trust, it has more weight, so they are more likely to act on it. Overall, an increase in social buzz about your club increases awareness and drives those who may not normally try your club to take the leap.

Who knows? You may even have members or trainers who are influencers, meaning their selfies in your club will be seen by thousands.

Heighten Member Engagement

Daytime TV is not something that jives with the workout experience for most people, but it’s the default choice when the time comes to choose content for fitness club TVs. Content posted by members and trainers drives higher member engagement within your club. Seeing their photo on the screen makes them feel validated and appreciated, creating a new point of connection between your brand and your members, and building loyalty.

That said, social TV isn’t all selfies. Social TV creates a new entertainment experience for members, with channels streaming content from the top social media publishers in a variety of categories — sports, news, entertainment — to create a hyper-local, hyper-relevant experience that members are passionate about.

More Effective Marketing & Promotions

The hardest part of promoting products, classes and trainers is getting your members to pay attention. The use of social TV turns members into a captive audience for your marketing materials. While members wait to see themselves or others on the TV, they keep their eyes glued to the screen. This guarantees they’ll see anything else you may show in the meantime. Showcase important information like schedule changes, promotions and new offerings, and see how much more effective your materials become. Forget traditional marketing like table tents, flyers and static signage members have learned to ignore. Put your messaging where it will be noticed: on the TV.


Simone Gerber is a Marketing Specialist at UPshow. UPshow is changing the way health clubs do TV by transforming their TVs into social media-powered marketing and entertainment assets. To learn more about UPshow or to request a custom demo, call 855-7-UPshow or visit www.upshow.tv.


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