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Crunch Uses Styku to Elevate Members’ Fitness Journeys

3D body scanning

3D body scanning can reap many benefits for health clubs: extra profit, better fitness results and increased retention. Styku is at the forefront of 3D body scanning technology and is a great addition to any club’s offerings.

Here, Craig Pepin-Donat, the executive vice president at Crunch, shares why he chose Styku and how 3D body scanning has elevated the performance of his personal training department:

Why did you decide to explore 3D body scanning as a part of your member experience?

CPD: Any significant results-based fitness program requires three critical components: exercise, nutrition and a results monitoring system (body composition). Most people rely on a scale to measure results, but body weight is a small part of the picture because strength-based exercise helps build lean muscle tissue, which weighs more than fat. So, it’s critical to monitor both weight and body fat to have better optics on results. Also, since exercise and proper nutrition help to redistribute proportions, it’s also important to monitor circumference measurements. 3D body scanning hits all three critical components for body composition: body weight, body fat and circumference measurements. Our goal is to elevate the entire fitness journey, and 3D body scanning is a big part of that experience.

Why did you choose Styku as a preferred vendor?

CPD: As with any new equipment, especially when technology is involved, we look at everything that’s on the market. Once you land on the leading two or three options, you have to do the work to see what works best. It’s not enough to just read the information provided by each company or the testimonials. You have to test it in a live environment and use your own data to get to the truth. We did a side-by-side test between the two companies we felt were the best out there, with 20 member scans to compare the data, as well as the member and staff feedback on usability and the post scan reports. In the end, we felt Styku had the better tech, with more consistent data and a better user interface.

How many clubs did you pilot Styku in?

CPD: We ultimately tested nine clubs, six in the US and three in Canada. During that time, we also let a few clubs purchase units from Styku and we completed thousands of scans over a three-month period. It was more than enough information to get to our answer.

Do you see this as a great differentiator from other gyms in the area?

CPD: To the average consumer, gyms are mostly all the same until you have the opportunity to build value on your brand story and the differentiating factors your club has to offer. Body scanning adds value to the results narrative, which is something that always peaks interest. If you have it and a competitor doesn’t, then you have an advantage. But to maintain that advantage, you also need the program that delivers the results, or you end up with a lot of unhappy members with body scans that don’t show any significant improvements.

What kind of ROI did the clubs see from investing in Styku (increased PT revenue and increased show rates, specifically)?

CPD: You can’t really get a true ROI from a three-month test. With any technology, there is a learning curve for the staff and members, and financial results will be based on many factors, including, but not limited to: membership and personal training revenue and retention, and average dues per member if you bundle body scanning with a higher-priced membership type. Ultimately, we felt the test was a success based on member and staff feedback, usage stats, personal training revenue increases, and the increase in average dues per member by including body scanning in a premium results-based membership. I also like to simplify the investment thought process and think in terms of the number of personal training sessions we need to sell each month, or the increase in average dues per member, per month to pay for the unit. When you look at the investment through that lens, it’s hard not to justify the cost. Others may feel they need a more comprehensive financial analysis, which leaves out a lot of intangibles, such as the member experience and how that impacts the brand.

Why should other clubs consider partnering with Styku and offering 3D body scanning?

CPD: I think any club that represents results-based programming should consider all the options and let the facts guide the decision. We are operating in a technological era and if you aren’t representing the latest tech, your sales weapon isn’t fully locked and loaded.


For more information about Styku, visit styku.com.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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