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Coaching SGT is in a Class of its Own

team training

SGT, or what is also known as team training, is no longer something club owners or managers need to consider — it is a must-have. To stay competitive in an overcrowded market, it is essential that members are a part of something so exceptional, and have no desire to seek value and results elsewhere.

Members are prepared to pay a premium when they have consistency and experience a remarkable difference between other exercise offerings.

Some clubs have found this out the hard way. Attrition occurs because members aren’t feeling the difference — too many offerings are blurred. They want a team training experience they just aren’t getting.

To quickly offset the exodus, many clubs look internally to create their team training department. They look to their most popular group exercise instructors or personal trainers, and ask them to put together a team training program for their club. They come to some sort of agreement and voila, team training is being offered.

Members pay for these workouts, instructors get paid and perhaps at the end of the day, there is something left that comes back to the club.

Others are persuaded into buying functional stations that have program “add ons” — so they can market something and their instructors can follow something. Unfortunately, not too many owners or managers know the quality of what is being offered, or even what to look for. They rely heavily on instructors but eventually struggle to offer consistency and loyalty as staff come and go.

Some clubs are happy with this arrangement, however there is one thing many are forgetting. SGT is not personal training or group fitness. Personal trainers and instructors are expected to deliver SGT to a premium quality with little to no SGT training.

It is like asking the basketball coach to coach the volleyball team. He/she is a coach and both sports are performed on a court with a ball — however, they are two entirely different skill sets, which require entirely different expertise.

To expect personal trainers and instructors to create, deliver and coach an exceptional team training experience week after week, month after month is risky without the proper product or education. It rarely equates to quality SGT.

When offering a stand-alone SGT department, it goes beyond the programming, scheduling and fees. It is paramount that there are qualified SGT experts to ensure longevity and profitability in this department.

It is only logical and befitting to take the time to find the best SGT product and education on the market. This ensures members are getting a consistent, professional and exceptional SGT experience every time. After all, isn’t that what makes each group exercise or personal training department successful?


Sue Richard is the co-founder of TRIBE Team Training®.


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