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Trampoline Fitness Goes The Distance


Research shows that exercising on a trampoline is better for your body than running.

There’s good news for those of us who dread the monotony and stress of our daily exercise routines. Research by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) shows that trampoline fitness is in fact more efficient than running and 10 percent less strenuous, therefore burning more calories in less time with much less stress to your muscles and joints. Plus, bouncing on a trampoline is just way more fun!

Here is why adding rebounding to your workout schedule is better for your body than running:

High Intensity, but Low Impact

Even in the most comfortable shoes, running or doing HIIT workouts on a hard surface is jarring to your joints. Jumping or even running on a trampoline is easier on your body because the bouncing surface moves with each bounce and absorbs the majority of the impact.

Helps Remove Toxins

Although both running and rebounding have similar effects on cardiovascular health, trampoline fitness, hands-down, does a better job of stimulating your lymphatic system, which plays an important role in immunity by disposing of the waste, bacteria and damaged cells in your body (detoxing).

Better Balance and Coordination

Instability training on the elastic surface of the trampoline enhances fast-twitch muscles for athletes and improves balance for active agers. With practice, people become better at maintaining their equilibrium despite unexpected movements, strengthening their balance, timing, coordination and reaction time. Holding a position as the trampoline moves also improves core strength and tones leg muscles.


Beyond health benefits, trampolines can be incorporated into almost any modality to make workouts more interesting, like barre classes that utilize the unstable surface, functional training that integrate dynamic jump squats, small group circuits that include explosive step-ups, and HIIT workouts with sprints and elastic sit-ups. Fitness trampoline moves can be adapted for any sport-specific training or unique routines can be choreographed to your favorite songs.

It’s Fun!

There’s no denying that bouncing on a trampoline is fun — and any time exercise is fun, you are much more likely to stick with it. Unlike running, which can be plagued by boring monotony, bouncing on a trampoline can be done in so many ways that it feels like a different exercise every time.

Although running may be one of the most popular cardio exercises, accepting trampoline fitness as a more effective workout is no longer a leap of faith. And best of all, it makes working out fun!

Forrest Bless is VP of Marketing at JumpSport Fitness, which provides specialty programming and certifications in trampoline fitness and manufactures JumpSport Fitness Trampolines. For more details on integrating trampoline programming into your club or studio space, contact Forrest at training@jumpsport.com. For more information about JumpSport Fitness, please visit www.jumpsportfitness.com.


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