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How Myzone Optimizes Training Programs at State of Fitness


When used correctly, fitness technology is a great addition to any workout. Myzone, a top heart rate tracking system in the industry, rewards effort and intensity. The result is a more engaging workout that helps the member reach his or her goals.

Justin Grinnell, the owner of State of Fitness, considers Myzone to be the total package, helping members enjoy their workouts while reaching their goals through real-time progress tracking. Here, he shares his experience partnering with Myzone:

How were you introduced to Myzone and why did you decide to partner with them?

JG: I heard about Myzone about five years ago from my friend and training facility owner, Frank Nash. His club was doing really well with Myzone, so it intrigued me. I’m not a tech guy and was skeptical, but each time I talked to him about it he told me I just had to do it. It is such a good retention tool and the members love to track their progress. I eventually couldn’t deny the value of Myzone and called my friend, Ron Sobiek, to sign me up. Since then, it has been great for our clubs.

How has Myzone helped improve your fitness classes?

JG: It has brought more energy to our sessions. It has also given us another tool to track intensity and monitor proper rest-to-work ratios, helping us optimize our training programs. It has also held people accountable to stay active and provide feedback for their hard work.

What do your members like about Myzone?

JG: They like that they can actually track their work capacity and progress. While tracking body composition changes and a number of sessions done is a great way to track workload, Myzone provides a more detailed way to track fitness progress and data. It also holds people accountable. By using the belt, they also have a sense of comradery with other members by talking about MEPS, or how high or low their heart rate is, along with supporting and challenging each other.

How would you describe Myzone’s customer support?

JG: I think the support is great. I am fortunate enough to have a relationship with many of the ambassadors at Myzone who truly care about clients. They want to make sure our belts work, the software is up to date, and they reach out to make sure we are happy and utilizing all the challenges and tech Myzone has to offer. When we have a defective belt, Myzone does not question it and they send us a new one.

Why should other club operators consider working with Myzone?

JG: Technology is here to stay, and fitness will be utilizing it for the long haul. Being a person who is somewhat old school when it comes to working out (no headphones or special gear, etc), I have grown to enjoy Myzone. Seeing real-time progress and results while also being able to track and properly monitor my intensity for a safer and more effective workout further enhances my own ability, my members’ and my trainers’ ability to give people the most optimal workout possible. The old school rating of perceived exertion (RPE) helps, but it does not show real data. The Myzone belt allows us to use science, technology and anecdotes all in one.

For more information about Myzone, check out myzone.org.

Bobby Dyer

Bobby is the former assistant editor of Club Solutions Magazine.

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