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Think about this for a second. You spend countless hours, energy and budget on creating the perfect experience for every member of your club, but what are you doing for them the second they step out the front door? That’s the danger zone for member loyalty, where a minefield of competitor marketing can dilute the influence of your club’s brand and eventually, your membership fees.

Member loyalty is really brand loyalty. And today, your brand needs to follow your member home. In the club, creating that loyalty is easier and all about the club experience. The very best sought-after trainers, the perfect mix of cardio and specialty classes, digital and on-demand training, and even things like lifestyle lounges and in-club workspaces.

But beyond the four walls of the club where members have YouTube, a million TV channels and the breadth of the Internet to distract them, replicating that experience is tricky. You can send newsletters, emails and flyers of course, but only one thing can get close to extending the in-club workout experience: on-demand, premium fitness content delivered where people want it and how they want it.

Here’s why on-demand fitness content builds member loyalty:

It’s a Seamless Experience

Members can enjoy the same custom, quality workout experience they come to your club for, on-the-go by streaming to any connected device: smart phone, tablet or TV. If they start a content-based workout at the club and leave to beat rush hour traffic, their workout’s waiting for them as soon as they fire up their device and on-demand content app. And most importantly, it’s the same content they have become accustomed to in your club, extending your club brand in front of your member wherever they go.

It’s What, Where and How They Want It

4G and device technologies have spoiled us all. Consumers want what they want wherever they are and whenever it’s convenient to them. On-demand fitness content scratches all those itches. If you’re trapped by bad weather and can’t make your cycling class, ‘click here.’ If you feel like you didn’t quite meet your workout goals this week, add a class at home and find an expert at the touch of an app icon.

Omnichannel Content Puts Your Brand Everywhere

The very best on-demand fitness content providers can provide an omnichannel universe for you and your club members. So, members can access premium content through touch screens in your club’s studios, on the fitness floor, in their hotel rooms when they travel or in their residential gyms, and via streaming devices anywhere they turn. To the consumer, this just looks like the convenience of modern technology — the future delivered today. But to the club owner, it’s 360-degree brand marketing that connects your member to the brand and experience of your club.

Garrett Marshall is Divisional CEO, FitnessOnDemand, a leader in the provision of the world’s best fitness content, collected, curated and delivered to leading health clubs and other fitness organizations across the globe. FitnessOnDemand offers omnichannel content provision to customers through in-studio, device and app-based services. Marshall has more than 15 years of experience as a thought-leader in the fitness industry. A sought-after speaker, trend-watcher and author of many fitness related articles he can be reached at gmarshall@fitnessondemand247.com. For more information on FitnessOnDemand services visit fitnessondemand247.com.


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