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Six Fundamentals of Smart Rigging for Today’s Training Environment

smart rigging

Rig, functional frame, jungle gym — call it what you will. If you operate a commercial health club and are looking to better facilitate functional training, you are likely in the market for one. 

If this is the case, be sure to select “smart rigging.” What is smart rigging? It’s a structure that truly facilitates programming, storage, suspension, safety, sufficient user occupancy and style — not simply a jungle gym. Let’s take a closer look at these elements here:


Statistically, by far and away, the fastest growing style of exercise is high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and circuit-based training. While this trend seems to be here to stay, we all know it will morph into various forms and functions as time goes by. Rigging that’s flexible to transition and evolve as fitness trends do is a must. A well-thought-out, smart rigging solution offers this.

Storage and Suspension

The storage of equipment and suspension of devices, including your members themselves, are the common denominators in selecting appropriate structures for your facility. Functional training involves various handheld equipment such as balls, bands, mats and kettlebells that make it fun and effective. You’ll need lots of them. Multiply that by the number of members you wish to accommodate simultaneously, and now the accessibility and storage of these products is critical. Choose a quality storage solution designed to scale for the space.

Ease of Installation

Seek out solutions that may not require permanent anchoring to the floor, so long as they are of commercial grade in both quality and safety performance. This selection will eliminate many headaches and costs during installation, such as the need to scan your floors for post-tension concrete cables or other such dangers, and the need to reinforce or block your walls. A self-anchoring rig is also portable, allowing you great flexibility or resale value as your space grows and transitions over time.


Next, focus on the creation of safe and simplified structures to support movements for pulling up and pushing on, and the ability to suspend various toys, from punching bags to straps to aerial hammocks. Contemplate your staff’s adeptness in overseeing the activities in the safest and most efficient way, when limited or no supervision may be present.

Invite Not Alienate

The masses want to experience and exercise effectively, just like hard core fitness fanatics. Work closely with a functional design specialist to configure training spaces that limit the intimidation factor for new participants looking to acclimate into fun and newfound styles of training. When designing for a dynamic training space, the opportunity at hand is to demonstrate inclusiveness while driving new member engagement and retention.


Be sure to invest in efficient utility and presentation reflective of the style of your facility, not a simply a mishmash of assorted racks better suited for a garage style boot camp. The cost of ownership toward a more thoughtful selection of rigging over time is minimal compared to cardio and other equipment category purchases. Spending a bit more to gain a better aesthetic and quality of system will pay massive dividends over time and extend the longevity of your investment.

It’s rare today that one would consider a purchase of a non-smartphone or non-smart TV. You would largely be leaving the vast majority of technological advancement behind. The same holds true for smart rigging. Selecting equipment with wide appeal that can adapt well to your facility’s programmatic requirements from session to session and over time is key.

Kim Kisner is the marketing director for Aktiv Solutions. Aktiv designs and supplies dynamic training spaces inclusive of a full suite of digital self-guided training systems. Kim can be reached at kkisner@fitnessventuresintl.com.


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