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Timing isn’t Necessarily Everything


In this world of instant gratification, fast food delivery, FOMO and posting-of-everything, it makes sense that we would do quite a bit of research and study on when to get out our message. And, if you have an unlimited marketing fund and an in-home analytical crew, as well as the ability to know when each of your target markets will be checking their Facebook feed, looking at the texts from advertisers or driving toward your club, then you’ve got the keys to the kingdom. 

But, maybe we should consider we won’t hit that exact “right” time, and instead believe in a few key digital practices that — when we rinse, wash and repeat — can ultimately be “just right.” 

Consider these key items to repeat in your digital strategies:

• K.I.S.S (Silly). This world is serious, fitness is hard and results can feel mountains away to our newest customers. Digital connections offer us an opportunity for frequency in communication, which gives us space to bring some levity to the task at hand. Utilize the opportunity to make someone laugh, and they may just feel comfortable enough to join.

• Dig In. In the traditional print world, space came at a premium and video was not an option. We have to celebrate the digital world for an open runway to content and interaction. Whether it’s a blog, video series, live chat or summary of great links on a subject, give your team the opportunity to dig into a topic of their passion or purpose.

• Sing Their Praises. We’ve never had a better opportunity to thank, praise, recommend or congratulate an associate or member. And no matter what they say, everyone appreciates a positive post, email or text. It won’t cost you anything but time. 

• Talk Some Trash. Don’t take this suggestion wrong — I don’t recommend talking trash about your competition or teammates. Rather, kick up some positive banter from one trainer to another (try a plank challenge) or one club to another (try a “like” competition), or maybe even a link challenge (who can find the most quality information on any one topic?).

And, for all of the above, one customer is going to be doing their research as they fall asleep, another while waiting in line for their next flight and another after a tough life change. Timing is everything, and in the digital world, it can be accessed on their time.

JoAnna Masloski is the COO of Wellbridge.


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