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How to Attract and Engage Millennials


Today, there are an estimated 83 million millennials in the United States — that’s 25% of the population. This is a generation that greatly values health and wellness, so it’s wise to prioritize them as a key target audience.

Attracting a Generation

Millennials are 247% more likely than any other generation to be influenced by social networking sites, so use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to your advantage. Create a social media strategy and calendar to publish consistent, valuable content. It’s important to remember not to overload your timeline with promotions and deals, as too much sales-oriented material will result in a loss of interest. To further your social media potential, consider sponsoring your posts to reach more of your target audience.

Another way to stand out is to support your community by participating in local events or fundraisers. Millennials are always eager to stand behind businesses that align with their values, so make a difference in your area by joining a good cause you are passionate about, and bringing awareness to it.

Keep Them Engaged

You have their attention — now your job is to keep it. In the midst of a highly saturated modern market, always remain ahead of the game by staying on top of digital trends and appeal to their preference for instant gratification.

Did you know that 77% of millennials participate in rewards programs? Give your clients the opportunity to earn points and awards for various actions, such as referring friends, purchasing merchandise, signing up for classes, writing online reviews and more. Earning points creates the perception of added value: first, when clients receive points upon making a purchase, and again when they redeem those points for prizes. For an economical generation, this has a great appeal.

In addition to a rewards program, consider offering a performance log tracker. Let your clients track their progress at your studio with the help of your staff or a software. This allows you to play a pivotal role in their fitness journey and provide a great support system, which will in turn solidify your relationship.

There are a variety of ways to boost your popularity with millennials and earn their loyalty. Experiment with these methods until you find what resonates best with your brand to create unbreakable connections with your clients.

Len Fridman is a fitness business expert and successful entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of WellnessLiving, a leading business management software company in the wellness and fitness sector. For more information on WellnessLiving, please contact 
discover@wellnessliving.com or 888.668.7728.


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