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One Booking System is Enough


When operators think of member management systems, the first person they think of is, of course, the member. Members are their customers, revenue and livelihoods.

But when it comes to booking systems, the member isn’t the only person who matters. Operators and staff also need booking systems that are efficient, easy to use and affordable. It’s tough to meet the needs of these three distinct audiences.

For many operators, multiple booking systems are the solution. That means a system for the pool, a system for the bikes, a system for private training, etc. This has led some operators to have up to five or more booking systems running simultaneously in a single gym. 

This isn’t an optimal solution for anyone. Members get confused, staff can’t see double bookings, and operators accrue costs from licenses and tech support. Operators should instead invest in one solution that spans diverse and rigorous booking needs across all club programming. Even better, it should be tightly integrated with the overall member management system, giving a 360-degree view of the member. 

A comprehensive booking system meets the needs of everyone involved in the operation in these ways: 

  • Members​ can search, book, and cancel bookings from a single system. 
  • Staff ​can manage their schedules and members without hopping between programs on their screens.
  • Operators ​are able to gain comprehensive insights into members’ behavior so they can target products and services to the right members at the right time.

It’s daunting to think about combining multiple systems into one. Luckily, it doesn’t have to happen all at once. With a phased approach, operators can make change management easier on their staff, their members and themselves. They can start with what’s easiest and gradually integrate all booking systems into one.

Eventually, that leads to one booking system for all programming and a better experience for members, staff and operators.

Karl Koutroupas is the vice president of strategy and consumer insights at Exerp. He can be reached at sales@exerp.com. Learn more about Exerp at exerp.com. 


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