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Percussive Therapy: The Wellness Solution


Aches, pains and soreness are all things that keep people away from exercising and improving their overall health and wellbeing. Fortunately, there is now a natural solution, one that has a host of other physical and mental benefits. Percussive therapy helps people recover faster, exercise more and live a healthier life.

Applying pressure to areas of the body to elicit both physiological and psychological benefits has been practiced for millennia. The concept of massage has evolved, especially in fitness settings. Many products have been created to apply pressure to different areas of the body in what can be termed “self-myofascial interventions” (foam rollers, for example). The latest innovation in this space is percussive therapy, in which devices with specific amplitude, torque and frequency repeatedly apply deeper pressure to the area of the body being treated. This pressure, the consequential vibrations, and the rapid, repetitive compression of the different tissues (muscle, fascia, etc.) work together to provide a host of benefits.  

Percussive therapy can benefit anybody on their fitness journey, whether it is used before exercise to increase blood flow and improve movement as part of a warm-up, used afterward as part of a recovery routine, or used at home to relieve everyday aches and pains or reduce stress. Emerging research tells us if used before exercise, it can reduce the soreness experienced afterward and is more effective than other modalities using the application of pressure for recovery — two things that make exercise more enjoyable and can lead to individuals exercising more frequently.

Beyond the benefits of percussive therapy, the design of these devices makes this the most inclusive recovery tool ever made — anyone and everyone can use percussive therapy. The design allows any user to individualize their experience, ensuring they can apply the desired pressure to the areas that will benefit them the most. As a handheld device, the user can manually adjust the force applied to the area being treated. Some percussive therapy devices will also have attachments of varying size, shape and density, allowing for very specific control of the pressure being applied so users can customize their experience. Some devices with ergonomic designs allow individuals to use the device with one hand, increasing the area of the body that can be treated by themselves.

As an owner or operator, percussive therapy can be leveraged to provide members and guests with services and experiences in-house or as a retail opportunity. The ability to personalize the experience, convenience and ease of use compared to other modalities, and the inclusivity through device design, make percussive therapy the ultimate wellness solution. 

Jason Wersland

Dr. Jason Wersland is the founder and head of human performance at Theragun. More information can be found at theragun.com.

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