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Introducing the AeroLink Bluetooth Receiver


Easily add Bluetooth streaming to any sound system. The AeroLink Bluetooth Receiver enables you to stream music from your phone, tablet or computer. No messy cables, broken dock jacks, or finding a suitable input on a confusing sound system. Just link and play — it’s that simple.

AeroLink comes with a Rack Mount Kit to secure it into your audio rack and easily plugs into your sound system like any professional CD player. Once in place, never worry about cables, docks, or inputs again. The Aerolink has multiple IDs (one to five), so you can use more than one in a facility and always know which one you are pairing too. A removable antenna option allows for the best reception, and you can extend the range while tucking the unit away in an AV closet for security. Also included is a remote option so the link button can be extended to an optional wall panel via CAT 6 cable.

How does it work?

Just plug the AeroLink into your sound system as you would a CD player, turn it on, and press the blue link button on the front AeroLink front panel. Enable the Bluetooth settings on your phone, tablet, or computer to be “discoverable,” then choose “Aerolink1-5” to pick the unit you wish to pair to. That’s it. 

You’re linked and ready to play any audio from your device. When done, you can disconnect using your device settings, tap the link button, or simply walk away — distance will disengage the pairing. To reconnect the next time, press the blue link button again to reset the pairing.

Bluetooth technology uses “handshake” connectivity. This means once a device is paired to the AeroLink, another device can’t cut in until the AeroLink (or the device paired to it) releases the link. The handshake connection ensures there won’t be any interruptions from other Bluetooth devices in the room.

For more information about the AeroLink Bluetooth Receiver, click here.


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