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What Gym Owners Do When the Home Gym Becomes the Only Gym

home gym

What is a home gym? In the past, when someone asked that question, the first thing that probably came to mind was a treadmill in the corner with clothes draped over the handles, or an ab machine tucked neatly underneath the bed with the intention of being used at some point in the future.

That perception has rapidly changed in the past few weeks with the unprecedented challenges spurred by the world-wide COVID-19 outbreak. During this predicament, the standard gym has now been temporarily superseded by the home gym.

This has forced gym owners to react quickly for two reasons: One, they need a way to keep members engaged without a physical gym. Two, they want to add true value to people’s lives in a time of need. Many owners, from large gyms to intimate fitness studios, have pivoted to provide digital content when circumstances do not allow the luxury of a physical space other than what consumers can create in their own home.

So if asked, “What is a home gym?” today, a very different image probably comes to mind. Now, it can include a yoga mat, a set of dumbbells, resistance bands, a medicine ball, a kettlebell or two, and perhaps a suspension strap. Essentially, a few fundamental tools will allow someone to get a full body workout outside the standard gym. However, for many people, the challenge still presents itself: “OK, I have the equipment. Now what do I do?”

Many gyms have stepped up to this challenge by live streaming content, accessible from the comfort of home. This is done in an effort to maintain connection to their members, continue to provide value, and do something positive for the world. 

These workouts include circuit training, strength training, flexibility and mobility sessions, and yoga. The fitness industry has realized in these past few weeks that workouts can happen literally anywhere. Consumers can even stream these workouts from the very same television on which they binge-watch their favorite Netflix show.

How can consumers take advantage of this? Simply bust out those basic tools mentioned above and follow along. Dedicating just 30 minutes a day for a few days each week could make the difference in maintaining their sanity as they abide by the stay at home mandates. 

Progressive gym owners will continue to develop and offer these services as part of the membership or for an additional fee once society returns to typical daily life. This can promote member retention, as well as introduce a new revenue stream.

Fitness truly doesn’t have borders or boundaries, but that doesn’t mean this new world has to replace your favorite gym. They can both be powerful tools for a healthier lifestyle.

Nasario Mejia is currently the vice president and general manager of the Services Division for TRX. In the past, Nasario has managed health clubs as a district manager and vice president of fitness for 24 Hour Fitness and Crunch Fitness. He has also consulted in the boutique fitness arena for over five years.


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