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Bart Budyn, the sales and marketing manager at InTouch Technology Inc., shares how implementing these six best practices can supercharge your sales today.

Communication and sales go hand in hand. What we often see is clubs that struggle with sales have not defined a strategy for communicating to potential prospects and members. Implement these six best practices to supercharge your sales today.

1. Have an engagement strategy. A communication cadence is designed to guide prospects or members from point A to point B. Your ultimate goal will dictate the strategy behind your cadence. If you’re trying to sell more memberships or retain more members, your communication needs to clearly guide them to that goal. 

2. Understand your customer. Your call messaging and email/text content needs to resonate with a specific person at a given point in time. You need to provide something relevant and relatable to your type of customer and where they are in your club lifecycle. Automation allows you to coordinate this kind of strategy. 

3. Personalize. A successful cadence relies on your team building rapport during a call and having your prospects and members clicking through your content and progressing through their sales journey. If your team is making calls without a strategic message or sending impersonal blasts — crossing your fingers and hoping for the best — your prospects may end up moving on or sending you to the junk folder. 

4. Don’t be shy. If you’re not consistently making calls and sending out emails/texts, you’re missing out on sales opportunities. A big part of communications is keeping your prospects and customers engaged. If a lead only gets a call, email or text from you once every two months, you might become an afterthought. Cadences are a matter of strategically striking while the iron’s hot. You can’t do that if you’re too scared to strike at all.

5. Don’t be too aggressive. Even though you shouldn’t be too passive, you don’t want to be overly aggressive. Imagine getting a call or email about a daily promotion or reminder? You’d probably hang up or unsubscribe. If your customers are receiving obtrusive, daily reminders and promotions from you, they’ll disconnect.

6. Create the right frequency. There’s no magic bullet when it comes to communication frequency. When setting up your cadence it’s better to start slow and increase frequency as you gather feedback from your customers. Too many calls or too much email/text can lead to hanging up or the junk folder.

Bart Budyn

Bart Budyn is the sales and marketing manager at InTouch Technology. He can be reached at bbudyn@intouchtechnology.com or at https://calendly.com/intouchtech/intouchdemo

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