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Episode 34: Creating the Best Onboarding Experience with Kory Angelin

onboarding experience

What does it take to create the best onboarding experience in your club or studio?

Kory Angelin, the COO of Volofit by Tough Mudder, chats with Rachel Zabonick-Chonko on this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast. They talk about what great brands do differently, how to go about creating the best onboarding club experience, and why it’s key to be the mayor of your club or studio.

Creating the Best Onboarding Experience Show Notes

  • The No. 1 thing great brands do — hint: it involves belief.
  • Breaking down how boutique fitness studios do really well with onboarding.
  • It starts with finding out why the customer wants to join in the first place.
  • What powerful questions can activate in one’s brain.
  • Why onboarding needs to evolve from the “museum tour.”
  • The importance of being confident in your coach or trainer in the onboarding experience.
  • How Apple relates to the world of fitness.
  • Why it’s not about selling but rather some cheesy sounding things, as Angelin shares.
  • Two reasons why Angelin believes people leave gyms.
  • How Volofit addresses those two reasons — and does it really well.
  • Creating a support system for the member is one thing Volofit excels at.
  • What big box gyms need to be more saavy at that boutiques do.
  • The one thing you need to know about a member above all else.

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