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Episode 35: Nick Hahn on the Brands ASF and Club OS

ASF and Club OS

ASF and Club OS have seen exponential growth over the years, and the brands are far from stopping in servicing clubs.

Nick Hahn, the vice president of product for the EverCommerce brands ASF and Club OS, chats with Rico Francis, the president and co-founder of Peake Media, in this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast. They dive into the history of the brands, how Hahn got to where he is and what it means to choose a club management software.

Show Notes from the Discussion

  • How a story about a letter to celebrity sums up Hahn’s focus on technology.
  • What the digital transformation of health care looked like from Hahn’s view.
  • Why Club OS needed a real, quick sense of maturing — and how Hahn helped it do this.
  • How ASF Payment Solutions was added to Hahn’s role.
  • What does a vice president of product’s day-to-day look like?
  • The differentiators of the brands.
  • How they give customers the “keys to the castle.”
  • Impacting the bottom-line looks like this with these brands.
  • When you’re choosing a club management software, you’re actually choosing this.
  • How one club was able to make better data-based decisions using the EverCommerce brands.
  • What does the future hold? Partnership is one word to be thinking of.
  • Contact Hahn by emailing him at nhahn@clubos.com

The sponsor for this episode of the Club Solutions Magazine podcast is ASF and Club OS.

ASF + Club OS is the leading provider of member management software that delivers money and time-saving automation, giving you more time to build your community and enhance the member experience. On top of our leading automation platform, we offer a robust analytics platform that will have you looking at insights that drive your future growth. From first contact of a lead to selling and renewing memberships and PT services, ASF + Club OS is the hardest working member of your team — on 24/7 to support your revenue growth. Be sure to check out our new state-of-the-art analytics dashboards. Learn more: asfpaymentsolutions.com/clubsolutions

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