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3 Ways to Hire the Right Instructors

Right Instructors

Leah Rich, a Talent Strategist at Talent Hack, shares how to hire the right instructors and trainers who are excited to show up for work

It’s no secret that it’s becoming increasingly challenging to get new instructors to commit to a new opportunity. Hiring managers might feel the need to quickly hire the next person they interview instead of the right person. Unfortunately, hiring the wrong team member will result in high turnover, low enthusiasm and ultimately a decrease to your bottom line.

So how do we find the right instructors and trainers who are excited to show up for work and provide an exceptional experience? 

  1. Hire from within your community

Some of the greatest team members are people who are already loyal to your brand and community. Think of the person who is always in the front row during class. The person that comes to class every week, knows the instructors, chats with the other members and knows your signature formats. 

This person is eagerly waiting for you to approach them about teaching; they just don’t know what steps to take.

Encourage them to get their professional certification. Then, put together a mentorship plan to prepare them to teach on your schedule. Continue providing mentorship and feedback so they feel supported and successful in their new instructor journey.

While it may be perceived that hiring a member will result in one less membership, their enthusiasm about the new opportunity to represent your brand will bring in friends and family excited to become new members. 

  1. Hire trainers with personal brands

While gym owners may fear someone with a developed personal brand will poach existing clients, the opportunity to collaborate with established instructors can result in new leads and a team of sales and marketing experts.  

It’s important to feel aligned with this trainer. When interviewing, ask them questions about their personal brand. What is their mission statement? Who is their ideal client? If their answers align with your facility’s values, this is a great opportunity to collaborate. 

Instructors used to program classes, teach phenomenal classes and leave. Now, they’re developing their business skills and learning how to market their classes through social media and facilitate sales. These instructors will ensure that all new clients are nurtured without needing extensive sales training from your management team.

  1. Ask your current team for a referral

If your current trainers and instructors feel supported at your facility, they’ll happily reach out to their network of fitness professionals. Better yet, give them a bonus for every new hire that comes through them and stays 90 days. Not only will this incentivize them to bring in new trainers, they’ll be more inclined to include them in the community and coach them to success. 

Keep your company’s career page actively recruiting You don’t want to start looking for the right team member when you need them. Proactively have your job listings up so when you’re ready to hire, you have a list ready to reach out to. 

Leah Rich

Leah Rich is a Talent Strategist at Talent Hack with 10 years of experience managing group fitness programs. She manages the Talent Hack Job Board to connect clubs with their next perfect hire. She can be reached at leah@thetalenthack.com.

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