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Creating a Positive Work Environment for Staff

Positive Work Environment

Creating a positive work environment for staff leads to a positive work environment.

A business is only as good as its employees. So, wouldn’t you want to hire the best? While it may seem like a simple task, it requires a bit more attention to hire a candidate that presents higher qualifications, has great recommendations and prior employment in the necessary field. Today, the challenge we face in the workplace exceeds how well a candidate can complete the job but rather how long will he or she be able to maintain it. 

Since the pandemic in March of 2019, mental and emotional health have been at the forefront of all our minds. As we continue to progress through these times, it is vital as employers we create a culture of success for our staff. 

Below, find tips and tricks on how to ensure a positive staff work environment:

How do you empower your organization? By empowering your staff and encouraging them.

Our encouragement approach stems from effective communication and appreciation, resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction, healthier relationships between managers and employees and decreased cases of burnout. 

Getting to know and understand your staff on a deeper level shows staff members you care about them as a person, not just an employee. One way to do this is getting to know their workplace love languages. 

  • Words of Affirmation: Feedback and Mentorship  
  • Quality Time: Workplace Bonding 
  • Receiving Gifts: New Opportunities and Challenges 
  • Acts of Service: Support
  • Physical Touch: Encouraging Touchpoints 

Fostering meaningful relationships among professionals – with a focus on oneness and empathy – will nurture a strong, supportive community, and each employee will become more motivated to thrive. 

Building around the talent.

Today, more and more employees strive for a purposeful job. Specifically, one in which they are making a difference in the world and feel good doing it. Focusing on an employee’s strengths through the use of a talent management approach is a great way to build success and confidence. 

Take the time to understand what each employee needs to thrive, then build the job around their needs and interests. They’ll feel motivated to deliver a stronger product and longer performance. 

Building around talent provides a continuous opportunity to thrive because we make the context of work – work – for them. In doing so they:

  • Feel less stressed and express more positivity. 
  • Feel their needs and interests are heard and validated.
  • Feel more valued, and thus will invest more and deliver better results for their organizations.

Top objectives for your club culture. 

  1. Staff’s Interests: It is important to ensure your staff’s interests meet their job description and generally what they want to be doing. The more an employee loves their job and what they do, the more passion they will have and more motivation to work.
  2. Knowing Your Audience: Each staff member is unique, which is why it’s important to know your staff’s working style, love language and what motivates them best.
  3. Clarity: Setting clear goals and objectives both a staff member and supervisor agree on are very important, so everyone knows their expectations. Regular conversation and scheduled reviews or evaluations are also beneficial to share continued updates and feedback. 
  4. Relationships: Ensure staff is able to build positive connections with each other by providing team bonding nights and pairing people who work well with each other.
  5. Making a Difference: In today’s society, staff want to make a difference in the world. Personal passion and satisfaction go hand in hand when work and the goal of the work matters to the employee.

The tools we provide staff to be mentally and emotionally well equipped are ways in which they will become successful. If we know a happy worker is a productive worker, the environment must be filled with positive and supportive colleagues. The employee will feel appreciated for their efforts and continue to work for efficiency. Taking this type of approach in the workplace creates a culture of care, empathy and perspective. When done authentically, staff will then share feelings of positivity and these feelings will become contagious.

Photo courtesy of Camp NAC.

Brianne Feinour

Brianne Feinour (known as ‘Ms. Brie’) is the summer camp director at Camp NAC, located at the Newtown Athletic Club. She has a masters degree in Public Health and Nutrition from West Chester University and is a Reiki Master. Brianne previously worked as a WIC nutritionist, which not only helped with children, but families as a whole. She has experience working with and providing care to children of various ages and understands the importance of interacting with children and their families in a positive manner. This year she will be entering her fourth summer with Camp NAC. Brianne's passion is working with children and helping them become their unique individual and teaching them self love at a young age. Her philosophy is, "healthy body, healthy mind, healthy soul."

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