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Increasing Your Health Club’s Brand Identity Online

brand identity

Incorporate these elements to increase your health club’s brand identity online this year.

Most often, when someone wants to know more about a business — such as hours, location and appearance — they will conduct a simple Google search from the comfort of their couch before leaving home.

Through a Google search, consumers can find a number of resources regarding your business, including your website and social media channels. And these resources all play a part in defining your business’ brand identity.

According to HubSpot, a CRM platform with services for marketing, sales and customer service, “Your brand identity dictates your business’ cohesive look, from how you communicate with customers, to editing style for your social media posts, the font you use in your YouTube video end screens — really everything.”

And the best way to begin defining your brand identity — or redefining — is to look at the different types of brand identity elements.

Brand Name

The most obvious place to start is your brand’s name. Of course your business most likely already has a name, but are you utilizing it as a branding tool? When considering a brand name, think about what your business offers to customers. Most health clubs offer general health and fitness services, but what do you offer that is truly unique to your business? Decide on something that set’s you apart from competitors.


Hand-in-hand with brand name, a logo is vital to brand identity because it is how customers will recognize your brand, literally. HubSpot shared, “Audiences will recognize you if they’re out and about, and it’s on your emails, website and maybe the physical products you sell.”

Graphics and Images

Different than your brand’s logo, graphics and images play a part in all brand elements that make your business unique. HubSpot recommends being consistent and cohesive with image editing on all platforms and materials. Consider looking up the Instagram account of well-known brands you personally enjoy to see how their image branding is consistent and cohesive.

Color Scheme

And of course, color also plays into all elements of a brand identity. A great example of this is Planet Fitness. Immediately, you think of purple and yellow. Your brand color scheme will be incorporated into your logo, marketing materials, graphics, images and more.


Typography is the font you use in all business and marketing materials. This element correlates with the graphics and images element in terms of needing to be consistent so your overall branding is cohesive. According to HubSpot, “Having a set font for your business also makes it easier to create business content with a cohesive look.”

For a great example of consistent and cohesive typography, open the Spotify or Uber app on your phone. Even walking into a Walmart, you will see the same font used across all signage.

Tone and Voice

HubSpot describes tone and voice as “How your business comes across when you communicate with customers in marketing materials.” Examples include humorous and funny, or academic and professional. Essentially, this element helps convey a brand personality.

Again, consider what your business offers and who your target audience is. Using Crunch Fitness as an example, the brand takes a fun, quirky and motivating approach to marketing. Take a scroll through the brand’s Twitter account. To promote Black Friday shopping, one tweet read, “Bigger biceps = more shopping bags! #FlexFriday into #BlackFriday” and was accompanied by a photo of staff members flexing their muscles.

Slogan, Jingle or Catchphrase

This element explains itself, but if you think your brand doesn’t need one, you will surely be missing out. Maybe not every health club needs a jingle, but a catchy slogan can go a long way. Think of it as an extension of your brand name and another asset to use in marketing materials, so you’re not just repeating your brand name.

One of the most common gym slogans belongs to Planet Fitness: The Judgement Free Zone. It’s in their commercials, social media, on their website and all over the inside of their gyms. But what the slogan does best is markets the gyms biggest value to customers — inclusivity for all people, regardless of their fitness experience.

HubSpot shares a few more examples, including:

  • “America Runs on Dunkin,” from coffee company Dunkin.
  • “Subway, Eat Fresh,” from sandwich chain Subway.
  • “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” From insurance company, State Farm.

Overall, it’s important to make sure your business has a brand identity. To learn more about why and with additional examples, read the full HubSpot article.

Brittany Howard

Brittany is an editor at Peake Media. Reach her at brittany@peakemedia.com

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