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Repositioning After-Pandemic Loss: Recovery Modalities


Braelee Conticchio, the public relations director at Cryo Innovations, shares an overview of different recovery offerings and how each can benefit your business post-pandemic.

Following the pandemic, the population as a whole and businesses were all hit very hard and are now finding ways to repair the damage. Recent studies have shown individuals are now looking to fitness and recovery modalities for their mental well-being as opposed to how it affects your physical body. With all the knowledge and new technology in the fitness industry, specifically recovery modalities, more people are utilizing these recovery methods. 

This is also great for business owners as people are seeking out fitness and wellness centers that offer additional recovery options. Some of the most popular recovery modalities include cold therapy, heat therapy, hyperbaric oxygen chambers and massage therapy. These beneficial add-ons are not only great for individuals and their mental health, but also businesses by creating additional revenue streams. 

Cold therapy has been used in recovery since the 19th century and is extremely popular in fitness and sports. The original methods include using ice to treat specific areas or ice baths, but more recently cryotherapy chambers and localized cryotherapy units have been introduced as a quick and more effective method. 

Cold therapy can have a multitude of benefits not only for those who are active in sports or fitness but also for those less active. Cold therapy can help with inflammation, pain, nerve irritation, injuries, blood oxygenation, skin conditions and even mental health. 

Many people do still use the ice bath method, but cryotherapy chambers have become extremely popular due to the short amount of time it takes, usually only two to three minutes, and its effectiveness. Fitness gyms and stand-alone storefronts alike can make substantial profit from offering cryotherapy options. 

Heat therapy, mostly in the form of saunas, is another very popular wellness treatment that can also result in physical and mental health benefits. Some of these benefits include aiding in overall physical health, better sleep, cleansing the body of toxins, alleviating pain and helping with anxiety and depression. Many individuals use heat therapy in conjunction with fitness, but it is also very popular among those who aren’t as active. This is another option for business owners to create extra profit.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are a new technology that mostly gained their popularity in the medical industry but quickly made it to mainstream sports, fitness, gyms and wellness centers. Hyperbaric chambers are a technology that can treat carbon monoxide poisoning, gas gangrene, decompression sickness, traumatic blood flow in arteries and severe crushing injuries. These chambers are just another option in the wellness and fitness industry that is sought out and can help a business profit. 

Massage therapy is another increasingly popular addition to a fitness or wellness center as it can aid in recovery and prevent future injury, among other benefits. Massage therapy can be administered physically by another person or more recently through massage guns. Some potential benefits of massage therapy include increased blood circulation, blood oxygenation and the relief of muscles soreness. It’s also wonderful for mental health and relaxation. 

Mental health awareness and importance is increasing and after a crisis like COVID-19 they are in demand more than ever. By offering one or multiple recovery modalities in a sports gym or wellness center you can upsell your current customers and attract new ones. Having these additional recovery options will set your business aside from others and attract more clientele. For the benefit of your business and customers, recovery modalities are something to consider when improving or rebuilding your business.

Braelee Conticchio

Braelee Conticchio is the public relations director at Cryo Innovations. She can be reached at braelee@cryoinnovations.com. For more information, visit cryoinnovations.com. 

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