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Give Members What They Want – Toned Abs


NPS1One of the more sought after aspects of physical fitness also happens to be one of the hardest to achieve. Almost daily, athletes and fitness enthusiasts target abdominal muscles. When members enter a club, often one of the first areas they meet is a stretching room that can be doubled as an ab station. Recently, in this small area, a sleek new machine can be found. At first, you might not know how it works. However, once the fitness enthusiast truly understands how to target abdominal muscles effectively, the machine becomes one of the more sought after products in clubs.

The Ab Coaster helps members target abdominals the way gymnasts and fitness experts have for years. It allows the member to hit abs from the bottom up – extremely similar to leg-lift exercises. Because the Ab Coaster is performed in an upright kneeling position, the entire core is engaged while exercising the abdominals through a full range of motion without straining the neck or lower back. The multi-angle kneepad adjusts for targeting the obliques and the plate-loading posts allow users to add resistance for an advanced workout. -CS

The New Technique:

How the Ab Coaster Can

Help Members Achieve Great Results

Sean Gagnon, vice president of the Ab Coaster Company, said the Ab Coaster has become a great way to work abs. The bottom-up lifting technique is ideal for targeting and strengthening the hard-to-reach lower abdominal region, and is much more effective than a crunch for developing great abs. Gagnon believes the new Ab Coaster provides the solution because it helps anyone perform the highly effective bottom-up abdominal movement, regardless of the member’s fitness level. “Crunches are the most popular ab exercise,” Gagnon said. “But, they are not the most effective way to get great abs. You won’t see gymnasts or other athletes with great abs doing crunches. In fact, to get a lean slender waistline, they do the exact opposite of the ab crunch.” These athletes perform the same type of routines that Ab Coaster makes easy for the typical club member.CS2000_2


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