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Thank You Notes


“The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated” — W. James

Thank You cards are a powerful way to build positive relationships and earn future referrals. As we have entered the world of technology, e-mails, Facebook and texts, an often forgotten about tool is the hand written card. Technology can’t make up for the experience you create when you have a personal meeting.

Get in the habit of writing thank you notes — it’s personal and meaningful because it’s not electronic. No one saves a thank you fax or e-mail. Try this for two months every day you work. Get a supply of cards and stamps and keep them in your office. Send a thank you note to your members, personal training clients, etc. and you will see five more sales per month minimum. Send one to all of your new members as well. The first-time customer is extremely important because first impressions are so powerful.

“People will not only remember you took the time to write; they will consider you thoughtful, responsible, and aware — which are good attributes to have in business.” — Donald Trump.

Knowing when to write a note is also important. You should write a note to say thanks for a referral and when someone buys personal training. Other times to write may include when someone provides you with any help, kind words, compliments, or support. You may choose to write a note when you had a nice lunch with a client, or even after a great meeting.

Mailed thank you notes are still the strongest option. Sure, you can send a quick e-mail to say thanks. But nothing has the impact of a personal thank you that arrives in the mail. Nothing! And remember, the two cardinal rules are make them SHORT and send them FAST.

Three parts to a strong Thank You note:

Part 1: The opening is the thank you.

  • Thanks for the call . . .
  • Thank you for referring . . .
  • Thank you for the help with . . .

Part 2: Elaborate with a personal comment relating to the gesture you’re thanking the person for.

  • It was great hearing from you . . .
  • It was great to get the news about . . .
  • I appreciate your trust in me, thanks for sending in your spouse . . .
  • I am grateful that you got (new members name) started for me . . .

Part 3: Wrap it up quickly

  • I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to touch base.
  • I will work my hardest to make sure your spouse gets all the help needed to reach their goals.

Shawn Stewart is the Operations Manager at Gainesville Health and Fitness Center. Contact him at shawns@ghfc.com

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