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Lebert Fitness Introduces Lebert Training Systems (LTS) Group X Programming


webLebert Fitness, the creator of The Lebert Equalizer™ — a versatile piece of strength training equipment that provides an arm, chest, back and core muscle workout using your own body weight as resistance — has four new LTS Group X programs currently being launched. The new LeBARRE™ programming was designed by world-renowned dance choreographer Jenn Hall. Using the portable LEBERT EQUALIZER™, these programs combine balance, agility, resistance, working recovery and eloquence into a challenging full-body workout with no dance experience or tights necessary.

Lebert Training Systems™ products are something that instructors get excited about, because they realize the importance of strength training moves to get results. The classes improve the member experience by making fitness new, challenging and fun! Using the LEBERT EQUALIZER™ and LEBERT BUDDY SYSTEM™ in classes offers members cardio, strength training and more! In addition, it is easy. There is no set up, attachments, pins or weights to change. The learning curve is quick so members can immediately jump into any class.

The LEBERT EQUALIZER™ and LEBERT BUDDY SYSTEM™ are special because of their versatility. Take the LEBERT EQUALIZER for an example. What other tool can you use for agility drills, as a weight, to lift, as a pull-up and dip bar, for incline push-ups, leg raises and many other compound strength moves, plus cardio drills, and then for stretching at the end of class? And it fits beautifully into such diverse programs such as LeBARRE™, LeHIP™, LeBOOT™, LeKICK™ and Kickboxing Bootcamp.

Group X Programming

LeBARRE™ is going to be hot in health clubs and is so easy to implement — no need to fix ballet bars into the walls. The LEBERT EQUALIZERS™ are all you need and can be used for so many other classes, like the High Intensity Power or LeHIP™, for short. Aerobic programs looking to change things up and add a little power (pull-ups and strength moves) with the quick pace are going to love this one!

Lebert Training Systems™’s LeBOOT™ and LeKICK™ are both designed for a “real-world” workout that is both fun and challenging with both the LEBERT
EQUALIZER™ and LEBERT BUDDY SYSTEM™. One with a martial arts flavor and the other with old-school strength moves, work to get anyone better conditioned and fitter. Clubs using these tools for their boot camps already have grown their programs dramatically!


Lebert Fitness is a world leader in innovative bodyweight training tools. For more information, visit www.lebertfitness.com.

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko

Rachel Zabonick-Chonko is the editor-in-chief of Club Solutions Magazine. She can be reached at rachel@peakemedia.com.

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