24 Hour Fitness Poll Reveals Benefits of Group X

Courtesy of 24 Hour Fitness.

Courtesy of 24 Hour Fitness.

A recent member poll conducted by 24 Hour Fitness revealed that its members found both mental and physical health benefits from participating in group exercise classes.

More than 500 members completed the poll, which reported that physical benefits of Group X included increased energy, enhanced muscle tone and improved endurance. According to the poll, mental benefits detailed by members included a sense of accomplishment and improved sleeping habits.

According to 24 Fitness, most poll-takers (73 percent) saw these results in less than two months of Group X participation, and 38 percent reported noticing both mental and physical benefits in less than one month. In addition, the poll revealed that nearly half of respondents (49 percent) said they attend classes an average of two to three times per week.

“We are delighted our Group X class participants experience such a wide range of health benefits,” said Mary Pilney, the senior director of group exercise for 24 Hour Fitness. “We work to ensure that every group exercise class is inviting, motivating and delivers results. Our number-one goal is to keep our members engaged and physically active in a fun social environment. We hope the successes reported by our members will encourage others to explore the variety of our Group X classes and improve the quality of their own lives through fitness.”


By Rachel Zabonick

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