Chuze Fitness Fosters Successful Partnership with ABC Financial

Chuze Fitness chose ABC Financial as its CMS provider.

Photo courtesy of Chuze Fitness.

Chuze Fitness was founded in 2008 in Carlsbad, Calif. Since the beginning, it has specialized in a wide variety of amenities, great customer service, friendly atmosphere and a spotless facility.

With 13 locations in San Diego and Arizona, there’s no room for billing mistakes. That is why Chuze Fitness partnered with ABC Financial to be its club management software provider. Kris Peterson, the co-founder of Chuze Fitness, expands on why the partnership has been a successful one.

CS: What’s a challenge you faced before you chose to work with ABC Financial?

KP: One challenge we faced was the absence of real time billing. We experienced sometimes a delay of 3-5 days before knowing which members were delinquent or not in our old system. Now that we have real time billing with ABC, we can inform our members immediately of any billing issues and avoid confusion or decreased chances of collecting past-due funds.

CS: How were you introduced to ABC Financial, and why did you choose it over other club management software companies?

KP: We had noticed ABC Financial through industry tradeshows and publications, but were formally introduced when the regional sales rep had contacted us. We decided to go with ABC over other software companies because they seemed to be the forerunner in innovation and taking advantage of latest technologies. They had robust collection expertise and were able to offer us an overall improvement in our software platform and features offered.

CS: Describe how you have used ABC Financial. is there something specific you were/are looking to accomplish?

KP: We were looking to be able to collect more money, improve our billing processes and take advantage of more features, particularly online features (MYiCLUBonline). We’ve been able to do all of the above with [by] using ABC Financial.

CS: What does your staff think of ABC Financial’s functionality?

KP: Our staff was very receptive and appreciative of ABC’s functionality. They felt that it was a very intuitive system and flowed very well.

CS: How has ABC Financial helped you and your business? What’s the greatest benefit?

KP: ABC Financial has helped our business by improving our billing processes, providing very detailed reports that help in our business decision making, and improved our systems and available features to members, which enhances the member experience. Those were all great benefits received by deciding to convert and we as a company have been pleased with the move.


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